There is surf in Holland and it looks surprisingly fun

Seventy-one percent of the world is covered in water. Which means there’s lots of coastline and countless opportunities for waves. And in our day and age of the internet, it feels like there are very few unknown areas for surfing.

However, chalk up Holland to that list because I had no clue there were waves there.

Sure I knew it had coastline on the North Sea, but being quite blocked by the United Kingdom to the west and Scandinavia to the east I figured there couldn’t be much on tap there.

But this edit by Tim Padmos and Yannick de Jager from a session in Scheveningen, Netherlands debunks all of that — just because I didn’t know doesn’t mean there isn’t a bunch of people out there enjoying this swell.

Clearly these surfers have patience (even more so than a Northeast surfer like myself).

Looks pretty fun to me.

Looks pretty fun to me.

It sort of reminds me of when the Gulf Coast of the United States gets waves, which can be really fun, just not too often.

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