This Guy’s Art Kills Monsters

You ever met an artist? I'm not talking about a friend of a friend who has taken an art class and now does lame graffiti tags on abandoned walls, I'm talking about a real life artist that uses paints, easels, brushes, etc. If you're picturing some weird hippie-looking dude with an upturned moustache—wrong guy.

Meet Matt Gillett, and does this man have a story! Whatever I write here will give him no justice, I've recently been acquainted him 3 days ago, and I can just tell he's one those guys you can call a mate—humble as he is, he's unbelievably talented and at the young age of 26 (that's a baby in art years) is getting his work out there finally for all of our corners of the earth to see.

Suffering a near death experience nearly 3 years ago while he was trying to break up a fight saw Matt holding on for his life, which he made through but at a hard price with severe head injuries and a brain hemorrhage. The incident left him with harsh times battling and with depression. But, as champions do, he kicked that shit—no drugs—just surfing, a good woman, and good mates.

Currently, Matt is busy collaborating on a show with Hurley and 14 of Australia's best music artists such as John Butler, The Beautiful Girls, and more. Watch the video for more insight into our pal Matthew Gillette.—Warwick Wright