This is how pro surfer Mick Fanning spends his ‘personal year’

After competing in the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles last month, the three-time world champion Mick Fanning has now taken the rest of the year off in what he calls his “personal year.”

With six months until the next competitive season starts, we take a look at how Fanning spends his time off the World Championship Tour.

Charity worker

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Even when he was competing full-time Fanning always found the time to donate his time and money to worthy causes. He’s an ambassador for the Starlight Foundation, which helps seriously ill kids achieve their dreams, always donates his surfboards for worthy causes and last year gave $75,000 of his own money to a shark attack victim.

More recently has supported FreezeMND which aims to find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. With even more free time, you can expect him to be giving back even more.

Beer Taster

Mick tests the latest drop. Photo by Balter

Mick tests the latest drop. Photo: Courtesy of Balter

As part owner of Balter Beer, and with the brewery just around the corner from his house in Coolangatta, Mick now has time for gaining plenty of hands on experience.

“Maybe it’s time to actually get my hands dirty and start moving some beer kegs around,” he told GrindTV. “On second thoughts, I think a part time role as chief beer taster might be better suited to my skills.”


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“One of the most exciting aspects of having some time away from competition is the chance to work on my equipment,” Fanning told GrindTV. “I’m working with my shaper Darren Handley and it will be great to ride all sorts of different boards, knowing it won’t affect my performance at an event. Who knows what we may come up with.”

Adventure lover

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With more free time Mick has already indulged his sense of adventure, heading to some of the most remote landscapes on the planet.

“I got emotional a few times,” he said of a recent trip to Alaska. “Just taking in the amazing surroundings, the mountains, the waves and the ice cliffs, it just makes you appreciate how beautiful this earth really is.”

Male Model

Mick Fanning hasn’t always been known for his high fashion, but he’s obviously used his contest downtime to freshen his threads.

He was recently announced as a new ambassador for clothing brand Van Heusen, swapping a wetsuit for a three-piece suit. And with some time off, he can now perfect his Zoolander look.

Art Subject

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Australian artist Joel Rea asked Mick to be his subject for the Archibald Prize, Australia’s premier portraiture competition.

“He did an amazing job,” Fanning posted on Instagram. “I can’t believe how life-like it looks.”

We are unsure whether Mick is looking at life drawing as another endeavor to add in his down time.

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