This MOB Doesn’t Drive Cadillacs: New association dedicated to promoting bodyboarding.

On the first day of the ASR Trade Expo in Long Beach, California approximately twenty of the bodyboarding industry’s movers met to try to organize their slice of the surf industry. Named the MOB, an acronym for Manufacturers Organized for Bodyboarding, their goal is simple¿to promote the sport of bodyboarding in a positive way and get as many people as possible to do it.

As MOB President Dave Cunniff (he’s also SIMA vice president) explains, “We want to promote anything with bodyboarding.” Primarily a predecessor to a board meeting to be held at a later date, the main purpose of this meeting was “to stir the pot up and let everyone know what we have going on,” says Cunniff.

The first matter of the meeting was to announce the nine-member board of directors. Besides Cunniff of Custom X, the board contains bodyboard industry players Ocean Storm’s Ian Robb and Ned McMahon, BZ’s Scott Pekar, Gotcha’s Cameron Steele, Harry Antipala of Mike Stewart, Morey Boogie’s J.P. Patterson, Viper’s Fred Simpson, and George DeMarino of Hobie. Other notable attendees included bodyboard inventor Tom Morey, and riders Ben Severson, Keith Sasaki, and Jay Reale.

Topics of discussions included the state of bodyboarding in regard to marketing the sport and amateur competition. Many ideas were thrown out¿and heckles with them¿but when it came down to it, this group is serious about its sport. The meeting was proof. ¿Aaron Checkwood