This Week In Surf Headlines: 11/11-11/18

While the whole potential SSM/ASP deal continues to shake the surf industry, there’s still a lot of other stuff going down in the surfing world like more shark sightings, random acts senseless debauchery, and a business that let’s you, yes YOU!, pay 2,500 dollars for a board YOU shape.

Reign Of Terror Lives In West Oz
Fear of Jaws continues to mount after a local resident spotted another dorsal fin slicing through the waters just just ten meters offshore. Local authorities are scouring the area and warning people to keep out of the water.

Spring Break, Aussie Style
Spring Break in Australia, a.k.a Schoolies Week, is here and is poised to wreck havoc on Surfers Paradise. Resort owners cringe and brace for three weeks of partying, gratuitous sex, and general debauchery. The Illawarra Mercury reports the said “youth cultural event” pumps 60-million dollars into the local economy. Man that’s a lot of booze.

Locals have dubbed it Crapp’s Reef. Now the LA Times takes a look at Surfrider’s artificial reef debacle. According to the Times, Dave Skelly, a coastal engineer who collaborated with the Surfrider Foundation, says a new $200,000 grant from the California Coastal Conservancy will allow for a 5,000-cubic-foot expansion of the reef next spring. And, “by extending the V-formation of sandbags on each side, Dockweiler State Beach’s unridable waves will shape into more desirable ones during large northwest and southwest swells.” Right.

Life On The WQS
The LA Times probes into the life of Seal Beach resident and WQS competitor Ryan Simmons and his “Chase” for a berth on the WCT.

“For six years, I’ve been chasing those points,” he told the Times. “In ’96, I came up five guys short of making it. And I was 17th last year before I had a couple of tough breaks at the end of the year. This year, I just see it happening.” Maybe he should talk to soon-to-be coherts Taylor Knox, Timmy Curran, and Shane Beschen.

The Latest Clues In Pollution Whodunit
Remember how brown the water was during the Bluetorch Pro? HB really stinks, and scientists are cluing into why. On Thursday they identified two prime suspects: bird waste from a nearby marsh and sewage flowing from a sanitation outfall. So who’s really to blame?

Dropping Coin
If you feel inclined to drop 2,500 dollars for a board YOU shape, you’re not alone. In fact a pair of entrepreuners are banking that there’s are market for surfers who tote gold cards with high credit limits: Surfboard Shaping Fantasy Camps. For a cool 2,500 you too could shape a board under the scrutiny of legendary longboard mower Robert August. But if you ask me I’d take a 300-dollar custom-shaped board and use the other two grand in the Mentawais.

Old Guys Still Surf

Last Saturday, a bunch of surfing veterans “thronged San Pedro State Beach in Pacifica to participate in an event dedicated to wave riders age 50 or older. Additional energy and warmth came from an inner blaze — the group’s sheer fitness and enthusiasm. A case could be made that this inner type of fire was the most important.” Read more on this intriguing San Francisco Chronicle report.