Thomas Campbell Art Show Opens Friday In L.A.

Thomas Campbell has curated an art show called Sea Donkeys On Airplane Wings (People That Surf That Make Stuff) which opens this Friday (November 19) and runs until January 4, 2005 at New Image Art Gallery. The show will feature art by Dashenka Prochazka, Joel Tudor, Geoff McFetridge, Alex Kopps, Andy Davis, Ozzie Wright, Barry McGee, Jeff Canham, Alex Knost, T-mossian Tech 9, and others.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, November 19, 2004, featuring music by Ozzie Wright’s band The Goons Of Doom and also by The Japanese Motors. We aren’t sure if you’re invited, so you might as well just show up. It’ll be artsy and we think hot girls will be there.

The Gallery is located at: 1005 North Fairfax Ave. in West Hollywood. For more info Click Here.