Thursday’s Action From The Honda Element U.S. Open Presented By O’Neill

Thursday At The Honda Element U.S. Open

Sunny, lots of beautiful people, all the best pros from around the world—what more could you ask for? Simply put, Huntington is going nuts. Thursday’s action usually means the round of 96 seeds and that means some of the bigger names start showing up. Guys like Bruce Irons who had the day’s highest single wave score (a 9.53), and Bobby Martinez whose total score of 16.00 dominated his heat. “The Little Train That Does, or Rob Machado, made another heat today as he placed second to Brazilian Jihad Kohdr. Considering he started from the beginning, it’s already a monumental task—what if he makes it to the final and wins? It’s very possible.


Shane Beschen keeps going as well. Coming into the last minute, all Ross Williams had to do was get over a 5.23 to pass Beschen for second and advance. With 30 seconds remaining, Ross found a smaller, open-faced right and made the most out of it. After the horn it was announced it wasn’t good enough. Shane made another heat and looks really strong to qualify and get back on the WCT for next year.

“I thought I was gonna lose because I didn’t know what he needed, said a relieved Beschen after the heat. “I thought he only needed a 4.5 or something, but I guess he needed a five. He could’ve attacked it a little harder, but in the water, when you’re losing and you’re riding a wave like that it’s frustrating.

Commenting on his year and the fact he’s second on the WQS, Beschen’s a veteran and knows what the next few months have in store for him, “Just focusing on surfing good and winning heats. You look so far ahead and you get so excited and you just have to slap yourself in the face and say, ‘sorry, not yet pal.’ And that’s what I’m doing. I know I should qualify this year and hopefully it will happen, but I still have to keep my head down and my eyes focused and just do the the job.

As usual, the waves on the south side of Huntington pier were tricky. A set wave may come in, but what competitors find themselves wondering is whether the damn thing will go down the line or closeout. Wave selection is ultra-crucial. “In that heat I almost lost, said Beschen. “It’s just a matter of getting waves. It’s still a wave selection contest.

Today’s results are below. Tomorrow’s heats include Andy Irons against Tom Curren, Taylor Knox against Taj Burrow, and many other heavy battles. Until then.






Round of 96 results from Thursday:

Heat 1:
1. Jihad Kohdr
2. Rob Machado
3. James Santos
4. Andrew King

Heat 2:
1. Adriano De Souza
2. Renan Rocha
3. Luke Hitchings
4. Asher Nolan

Heat 3:
1. Dean Morrison
2. Chris Ward
3. Jason Shibata
4. Norimasa Ohno

Heat 4:
1. Raoni Monteiro
2. Gabe Kling
3. Fred Patacchia
4. Pat Gudauskas

Heat 5:
1. Pedro Henrique
2. Glenn Hall
3. Aaron Cormican
4. Beto Fernandes

Heat 6:
1. Christiano Spirro
2. Junior Joca
3. Greg Emslie
4. Beau Mitchell

Heat 7:
1. Marcelo Trekinho
2. Ryan Simmons
3. Maz Quinn
4. Kaipo Jaquias

Heat 8:
1. Jarrad Howse
2. Matt Bemrose
3. Paul Canning
4. Pete Mendia

Heat 9:
1. Frederic Robin
2. Todd Prestage
3. Max Hoshino
4. Marcelo Nunes

Heat 10:
1. Bruce Irons
2. Tiago Pires
3. Leo Neves
4. David Pinto

Heat 11:
1. Kirk Flintoff
2. Yuri Sodre
3. Brad Gerlach
4. Will Lewis

Heat 12:
1. Travis Logie
2. Jock Barnes
3. Phillip MacDonald
4. Richie Collins

Heat 13:
1. Ben Bourgeois
2. David Weare
3. Conan Hayes
4. Che Stang

Heat 14:
1. Nate Yeomans
2. Shane Beschen
3. Ross Williams
4. Bron Heussenstamm

Heat 15:
1. Bobby Martinez
2. Troy Brooko
3. Rodrigo Dornelles
4. Anselmo Correa

Heat 16:
1. Guilllerme Herdy
2. Mikey Picon
3. Jamie O’Briien
4. Masatoshi Ohno