Thursday’s Action From The Six-Star Mr. Price Pro

Mr Price Pro
6 Star ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) Event #24 of 55
North Beach, Durban
July 9 – 15, 2001

Tiny waves put surfers to the test in Durban

Tiny waves measuring leas than a metre forced competitors to search the entire stretch from pier to pier at North Beach in order to find highscoring rides on the fourth day of the men’s event in R800 000 (US $100 000)
Mr Price Pro in Durban.

While the conditions favoured the smaller, lighter surfers, including thelikes of 2000 finalist, North Beach local Travis Logie, who opened his heatwith second highest scoring ride of the event, there were a number ofexceptional displays of small wave prowess from the higher seeded surfersmaking their debut appearances in this year’s event

The remaining 12 heats of the men’s fourth round were completed along withthe first eight of the 16 heats in round five where 96 competitors arestill in the contest. Durbanites Clayton Nienaber, Dane Patterson and David Weareexcelled in the glassy morning waves, winning their heats to advance alongwith the likes of Conan Hayes (Haw), Bobby Martinez (USA), Beau Emerton (Aus) and James Santos (Brazil).
Nienaber matched the best score of the event to date for a single ride witha near perfect 9.17 out of 10.

A light onshore wind and pushing tide in the afternoon provided marginallymore power to the waves, which the fifth round competitors put to good usewith combinations of high performance manoeuvres.

Brazilian Danilo Costa, Maz Quinn from New Zealand, Damien Hobgood andLogiesecured convincing victories. By contrast Tim Curren (USA), Shawn Sutton(Haw), Pat O’Connell (USA) and Toby Martin (Aus) were all involved insee-saw encounters where the lead changed hands several times during the 25minutes and were eventually decided by a single point or less at the finalsiren.

Friday’s program sees the third round of the R200 000 women’s event wherethe top 15 seeds make their first appearance. This will be staged on theDairy Beach side of the North Beach pier while the remaining eight heats inthe men’s fourth round and the entire fifth round, including the top 32seeds, will take place between the piers at North Beach.

The Mr Price Pro comprises six star rated ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS)events for men and women, and the Red Pro Junior, a grade two rated ASPworld junior event, with prize-money totaling more than R1 million.

Mr Price Pro Men’s Results (Day Four)(All surfers are from Durban unless otherwise specified)

Round Four (Round of 128)

Heat Five: 1.Patrick Bevan (France) 2.Matt Owens (Aus) 3.Cale Grigson (Aus)4.Otavio Lima (Brz)
Heat Six: 1.Koby Abberton (Aus) 2.Bruce Irons (Haw) 3.Jarrad Howse (Aus)4.Jonathon Gonzalez (Canary Islands)
Heat Seven: 1.James Santos (Brz) 2. Troy Brooks 3.Jamie O’Brien (Haw) 4.TyArnold (Aus)
Heat Eight: 1.Clayton Nienaber 2.Samba Mann (Aus) 3.Edgar Bischoff (Brz)
Heat Nine: 1.Wilson Nora (Brz) 2.Eric Rebiere (France) 3.Roy Powers (Haw)4.Adrian Buchan (Aus)
Heat Ten: 1.Darren O’Rafferty (Aus) 2.Jason Shibata (Haw) 3.Damon Harvey(Aus) 4.Gabe Kling (USA)
Heat Eleven: 1.David Weare 2.Peter Mendia (USA) 3.Llewellyn Whittaker4.BeauMitchell (Aus)
Heat Twelve: 1.Conan Hayes (Haw) 2.Shannon Pollard (Aus) 3.Will Lewis (Aus)4.Antonio Bortoletto
Heat Thirteen: 1. Mariano Beto (Brz) 2.Tim Reyes (USA) 3.Keith Malloy (USA)4.Chris Ward (USA)
Heat Fourteen: 1.Beau Emerton (Aus) 2.Norimasa Ohno (Japan) 3.Tom Whitaker(Aus) 4.Josh Fuller (Aus)
Heat Fifteen: 1. Dane Patterson 2.Drew Courtney (Aus) 3.Asher Nolan (USA)4.Sam Carrier (Aus)
Heat Sixteen: 1.Bobby Martinez (USA) 2.Kapio Jaquias (Haw) 3.RobbieSchofield (Haw) 4.Daniel Redman

Round Five (Round of 96)

Heat One: 1.Danilo Costa (Brz) 2.Odirlei Coutinho (Brz) 3.Dan Malloy (USA)4.Danylo Grilo (Brz)
Heat Two: 1.Maz Quinn (NZ) 2.Luke Stedman (Aus) 3.Jeremy Walters (Aus)4.Ryan Bisset
Heat Three: 1.Tim Curren ((USA) 2.Lee Winkler (Aus) 3.Andrew King (Aus)4.Steven Hughes (Aus)
Heat Four: 1.Travis Logie 2.Philip MacDonald (Aus) 3.Christo Hall (Aus)4.Frederic Robin (Reunion)
Heat Five: 1.Toby Martin (Aus) 2.Kieren Perrow (Aus) 3.Matt Owens (Aus)4.Patrick Bevan (France)
Heat Six: 1.Damien Hobgood (USA) 2.Koby Abberton (Aus) 3.Bruce Irons (Haw)4.Heath Walker (Aus)
Heat Seven: 1.Pat O’Connell (USA) 2.Dean Morrison (Aus) 3.James Santos(Brz)4.Troy Brooks (Aus)
Heat Eight: 1.Shawn Sutton (Haw) 2.Samba Mann (Aus) 3.Tiago Pires (Port)4.Clayton Nienaber