Tighter Turns

Lost's stripped-down turning machine is more suited for advanced surfers.

The Whiplash model shaped for Chris Ward by Matt Biolas

Size: 6'2″

Width: 18.42″

Thickness: 2.25″

(parenthesis is where arrow goes)

•(center of board on the stringer where front foot would go) V-deck keeps rails fuller and stringer thicker, which allows more strength to push on to create speed and drive.

•(bottom of board) Exaggerated rocker curve without adding rocker makes it so you don't lose drive but get looser turns.

•(bottom of tail) More curve in the back half of the board gives the illusion of more tail rocker, which lends to better tight-radius surfing, i.e., quicker turns.

•(nose) Narrow nose helps hold rail curve.

•(rail) Bump blended out of tail creates one elliptical curve that runs the length of the rails. “There is little room for mistakes,” Biolas says about riding a Whiplash. “This is a board for advanced surfers.”

•(deck) Ultralight foam with matched deck rocker means little of the high-density foam nearest the surface of the blank needs to be milled away. Combined with S-Glass on the deck, you have what Biolas refers to as “the highest strength-to-weight ratio” possible.

•(bottom of tail) Simple bottom contouring with V off the tail gives the board added speed.

•(fins) Wider-base carbon-fiber fins with more rake are glassed on to save the weight of a fin system.

Shaper Notes:

“Anything not needed is taken out.”

“Cory Lopez won the 2003 U.S. Open on a Whiplash.”