Tim Reyes Interview

Tim Reyes

Age: 17

Sponsors: O’Neill, Arnette, Reef, Jack’s, Al Merrick

From: Huntington Beach, California

TWSURF: Where do you like to surf a lot?

Timmy: I surf Newport, five-four street, and southside of the pier.

What’s your favorite place to surf?

My favorite place to surf around here is Lowers.

What do you do when you’re not surfing?

Hang out, eat food at my house and watch T.V.

What’s your favorite show?

I’d say Dexters Laboratory, a cartoon.

What’s that about?

Just a little kid running around, acting like a nerd, building things and stuff. It’s pretty cool.

So you’re gonna be graduating this year right?


What are you going to be doing after that?

Hopefully travelling a lot and doing some contests. It’s gonna be fun.

Are you looking forward to that?

I’m looking way forward to it.

You’re looking forward to all the travelling?

Yeah, I looked at my schedule. My friend Garth (Tarlow of O’Neill) planned it out for me. Some months I’ll be gone for like a whole month¿so that’s kind of bad.

Is it gonna be heavy being away from home for long?

I guess sometimes, but not that bad cause I like being away from home.

Are you getting used to travelling?

Yeah, I’m getting used to it a little bit. I’m still kind of a minor to it.

What do you do in Huntington? Do you get in trouble with your friends?

We sneak into the theatres and stuff. I’m not really that good, so I can’t do anything.

You don’t want to snitch yourself out, is that it?


What about competing? Are you gonna be doing QS’s and stuff like that?

I’m gonna try to finish out this half a year for the QS’s. That’ll be fun. Do like six contests or something.

What about all the Huntington girls, you been mackin’?

Bad news. Bad news.

Why are they bad news?

They’re all bad news.

Why is that?

Not rattin’.

Do they know who you are?

Uh huh.

Do you throw the game at them?


What about all the inland people that come from inland Orange County?

From, like, Riverside.

What about all the people invading your break?

I just laugh at them cause’ they run in with jean shorts and stuff¿it’s pretty funny. Freezing cold water.

Do you see a lot of mullets?

Pretty much.

What are the chances of getting you to grow a mullet?

I wouldn’t do one.

Why not?

I don’t grow my hair past, like an inch.

How much would I have to pay you?

I don’t know, I’d grow it for a couple days¿I don’t hink I could do more than two days.

Who are some of your Huntington mentors?

Jay Larson, Ryan Simmons, Jeff Deffenbaugh, a lot of underground guys.

Any final words?

Thanks for everything family.