Timmy Curran’s 1st Album “Citsuca” Goes On Sale Today

Timmy Curran’s first album “Citsuca” goes on sale today online on Wetsand.com. In case you haven’t been paying attention lately, last year it was “discovered” that as well as being one of the better surfers on Earth, Ventura, California’s Tim Curran also happens to be a gifted musician. Tim started playing guitar when he was thirteen, and for the past decade and a half he’s been dragging an acoustic guitar around the world on surf trips, honing his skills. During the past year, he’s taken to writing original songs and creating his own style, which has been compared to Paul Simon and Elliot Smith–both breathy, sparce, honest story-tellers.

We are a bit biased because we love Timmy, but we really think you should go buy the album and give it a listen. It’s only $6.00 online, and worth every penny. Here’s a link:


Check out Timmy’s Web site, too: