Timmy’s Eclectic Quiver

Tim Curran’s day-to-day shortboards and guns are shaped by his lifelong shaper and friend Casey McCrystal from Ventura, California. But Tim caught the shaping bug for himself a few years ago and turned out some oddball but beautiful boards. Here’s his basic quiver for when he’s at home.

“I started shaping two years ago-my shaping career only lasted about a year. Now I let Casey do the shaping for me. I designed all my new boards, and Casey shaped them. I may come out of retirement if I need to put food on the table. I’ve gained major respect for all shapers, because I realized how hard shaping really is.”

6’3″, 3″, 20″-“The duo, shaped by me. This board came from the second batch of five boards that I shaped. It has a wooden tail block and hand-shaped wood fins. I’m afraid to ride it because the glasser made it look so good. It’s really beautiful.”

5’7″, 3″, 22″-“Another one I shaped. It’s a no-name twinnie made out of epoxy. The thing’s a blast when the waves are small. I can go across any flat section without even pumping. It doesn’t turn as well as I’d like, but it’s fast.”

5’11”, 2″, 18 1/8″-“McCrystal rounded squash. This is my day-to-day average shortboard for California summer surf. I drew the checkers on the bottom.”

6’3″, 2″, 18 1/2″-“McCrystal pintail for when you’re in tropical places like Tavarua or Tahiti when there’s tubes.”

6’1″, 2″, 18 1/2″-“Another McCrystal pintail. This is what I ride in winter and if there’re barrels in California or just bigger waves here where I live.”

5’11”, 2″, 18″, Magic-“This is the board I use in contests. I love this board. Average-size waves, head-high, or whatever. Definitely my favorite board right now.”

6’5″, 3″, 20″-“The Honk is from the first batch of five, too. This one likes tubes and floats amazing. I ride this when there’re Santa Ana winds and barrels by my house-it’s a tube-doggy board. The name came from the first one that I found in the trash.”

5’10”, 2 1/4″, 20″-“Rob Machado shaped this board-I traded him a Honk for it. We shaped each other boards. It’s concave on the top like one of those George Greenough kneeboards. This board is amazing in small waves-it turns pretty good and looks really good.”

5’10”, 2 1/4″, 18″-“The first board I ever shaped. I found an old retro board in the trash and reshaped it. It rides pretty stiff but floats insane. The tail is a stinger-it will sting you for real.”