TOC – 4.6



76 Teahupo’o Competition in the land of backless fury. By Justin Cote

90 Ben Bourgeois Pro Spotlight Why doesn’t North Carolina’s most famous surfer want to go home? By Joel Patterson

100 Perfection Indonesia, off the chain. Adam Repogle, the Jones brothers, Cheyene Mag, and Made Adi Putra score in the year of the skunk. By Mike Frood


20 Prologue Introductorialisticness.

36 Letters Jack “Jailbird” Jarlsbur answers your letters from the big house.

44 Noteworthy Reviews, giveaways, and death to the word “grom.”

56 Motion Pictures Ben Brough and Asher Nolan contort themselves for your pleasure.

64 Ani-Motion Barrel rolls? Those are easy.

68 Ear/Eye What’s in Phillip Watter’s CD changer?

70 Shapers T&C’s Glenn Pang.

122 On Tour: El Salvador Assault rifles and farm animals-surfing in Central America. By Tim Dowell

138 Check Outs Kids who deserve your respect.

146 Epilogue My only friend … the end.

150 Word Association Jay Larson freely associates.