TOC – 4.7



On the cover: Tim Curran doesn’t need wings to fly. Tweaked frontside air Down Under. Photo: ReposarThis page: Nate Yeomans defeats the gravitational pull with a backside air at the Creek. Photo: Taras


74 Tim Curran Pro SpotlightThe aerialist speaketh. Ventura County’s chosen one enlightens Chris Cote.

84 The Big Misconception?Australia isn’t just a giant, neverending Foster’s ad. Adam Blakey explains.

110 Photo SectionLook at the pretty colors.


16 PrologueAustralia is only a really, really expensive plane ticket away!

32 LettersWhat you really wanted to write.

40 NoteworthyFree glasses, bro-isms, and a missing editor.

52 HabitatChez Ozzie.

56 Motion PicturesOne idea, many photos.

60 Ani-MotionCoffin floaters made easy!

64 ShapersAlan Byrne makes boards with channels.

70 BarometerBeing sponsored isn’t all orgies and free Mercedes Benzes.

123 Ear/EyeMusic, video, and Josh Hoyer.

124 On TourBehind the scenes of a Reef Girl photo shoot.

140 Check OutsKids who hope to one day be multi-financial.

148 EpilogueEvery man dies … but not every man truly lives.

154 Word AssociationDamien Hobgood contemplates Doppler radar.