Tony ‘Hussein’ Hinde Dies In Maldives While Surfing

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June 2, 2008: – – Tony ‘Hussein’ Hinde, the father of surfing in the Maldives has passed away, surfing his home spot at Pasta Point on May, 27th. He was found face down near shore and despite CPR, could not get back to life. What can be believed as a drowning happens only 4 months after the tragic death of his wife Zulfa. Which is an immense tragedy for their 2 kids, Ashley and Mishal.

In December 1973, Tony and his friend Mark Scaunlon shipwrecked in the North Malé atoll in Maldives aboard the Whitewings, a beautiful ketch where they were hired as crew. That changed Tony’s life completely. After a few months of refurbishing the boat, they realized how good the surf is. Tony once sent a postcard saying “I am thousand couloirs away from home.”

And home became the Republic of Maldives where he turned Muslim to be able to marry Zulfa and become a Maldivian citizen. For 15 years, he managed to keep the secrecy of world-class surf in the atolls among a few friends. Which made it one of the best kept secret in the whole history of surf discovery.

He was forced to launch Atoll Adventures in the mid-80’s and Tari Village because there were a few foreign plans to develop the surf over there. Tony Hussein always remained the landlord over the camp and changed to Dhonveli Beach & Spa in the early 2000.

Here was Tony making calls for organizing the boats around, together with his partner Mark Scaunlon in May 1999. Local surfers in Malé will have a paddle out ceremony outside Varunulaa Raalhugandu, the main surf spot in the capital to give a tribute to the memory of their surfing father after his funeral. He will be greatly missed by his family, Maldivian surfers and countless surfing guests that he took care personally at Tari Village and Dhonveli (now Chaaya Dhonveli).