Too Hot For Publication

In America, the “c-word (it rhymes with blunt) is the one true word still guaranteed to get you slapped. In Australia, it’s not—it’s our equivalent of bro. Enjoy the following c—tisms.

c—tageous—your mate who always gets you sick.Example: “Mate, Presso’s a c—tageous c—t. He was sick last week and now I’m sick.


C-ter S. Thompson—the c—t who loses his mind on adult beverages.Example: “My mate Clipper, I mean C—ter S. Thompson, got on the piss last night and says he saw God.

c—test—a surf contest full of c—ts.Example: “I lost my first heat to three c—ts paddling circles around me-it was a full-on c-test.

C—tington Beach—A town filled with c—ts.Example: “What’s with all the c—ts here tonight? It’s like C—tington Beach or something.

c—tservative—the politically conservative c—t.Example: “That c—t Jesse likes that c—t George Bush-I think he’s c—tservative.

C—t Fu—self defense for c—ts.Example: “Mate, you better not wrangle with Vaughan—he knows C—t Fu.

c—tstipation—when there’s too many c—ts in the lineup.Example: “Ah mate, the Alley was perfect, but totally c—stipated with hundreds of c—ts.

Donavon Franc—treiter—the groovy c—t.Example: “That c—t Adam’s like Donavon Franc—treiter—I can smell the patchouli from here.

Franc—tstein—a big c—t.Example: “Timmo’s so big he’s like Franc—tstein—he should play footy or something.

Good Will C—ting—your super-smart mate who has a shitty job.Example: “Mate, Ronnie’s Good Will C—ting—he’s a smart c—t who’s stuck with a terrible editorial job.

Richie C—tingham—the c—t who’s super nerdy.Example: “Ah mate, that c—t Travy’s acting like Richie C—tingham—he’s driving all the chicks away.