Top 10 Youtube Wipeout Clips

In anticipation of some booming south swells headed our way here's what not to do when the waves get good…

Wipeouts – Classic Surf wipeouts from around the globe.

Pipeline Wipeouts

Guys getting absolutely belted! Featuring surf spots all around the globe including Ours, Pipeline, Waimea Bay, Dungeons and Mavericks.

Guys getting absolutely caned by putting themselves where most people wouldn'


Surfers getting caught in the worst wipeouts of all time.

Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards Epic Wipeouts!

The best barrels and worst wipeouts from the 2006 Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters.

Gnarly Bails and Crashes

The worst surfing wipeouts filmed during Surfline’s 6 Weeks on the North Shore in Hawaii

A mixture of surfing wipeouts!