Top Five Stories Of 2005

#1 Malik Joyeux, who was seemingly invincible in the ocean, drowned while surfing Pipeline on what was for him, a relatively easy day. Memories of Malik will be forever cherished. Click on the article to the right for more and don’t forget to watch the new video clip on the homepage.

#2 Slater Makes It Seven! After a dominating year on the WCT, Florida’s Kelly Slater nails his seventh ASP Men’s World Title after his nearest rival, Andy Irons, is eliminated from the Nova Schin Surf Festival in Brazil by Australian Nathan Hedge. Click opn article to right for more and check video page for Slater tribute.

#3 Andy Irons wins 2005 Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters and 2005 Vans Triple Crown. Many people don’t realize the value pros put on the Triple Crown title. Andy does. Also, many people don’t realize that Andy ended up just over 100 point away from snatching his fourth World Title with his victory at Pipeline. Story to the right.

#4 Chelsea Georgeson Wins 2005 ASP Women’s World Title. Chelsea, 22, and two-time champ Sofia Mulanovich take the women’s world title down to the wire and a dramatic finish at Maui’s Honolua Bay. Women’s surfing thrives with the title race. Click on story to the right for more.

#5 Fanning Is Back! After ripping a tendon off his hamstring on a floater gone awry, Mick Fanning returns to competition and silences any doubts regtarding his career-threatening injury as he wins the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks. Fanning would finish the year rated 3rd. Click on Joel Patterson’s story to the right for more.