Top International Competitors David Weare and Silvana Lima ClaimChampionships at Body Glove Surfbout Presented by Adio and SG Lowers Pro

Tim Curran Scores a Perfect 10 During an Intense Day of Surfing

San Clemente, Calif. – April 30, 2005 – With epic surf, endless amountsof sunshine and the largest crowds ever seen in the contest’s history,the Body Glove Surfbout presented by Adio and SG Lowers Pro concludedafter intense battles and aggressive surfing. International athletesdominated the finals – South African David Weare won the men’scompetition and banked $10,000 and Brazilian Silvana Lima secured thewomen’s event earning $3,500. Adrian Buchan took second, Pat O’Connellthird and former two-time Surfbout Champ Rob Machado fourth. In thewomen’s competition, Rebecca Woods took second, Laurina McGrath thirdand Jessi Miley-Dyer fourth.

When asked about his overall reaction to the 15th Body Glove Surfbout,Scott Daley, Vice President of Marketing for Body Glove said, “It was100 percent perfect! I can compare this to 1990 when Kelly Slater won,but what makes this even better is that people from around the worldcould watch the contest through our live streaming video and scoring.”

The morning commenced on the final day of competition with the ladiesquarter finals where heat one was dominated by Laurina McGrath whoposted 7’s and 8’s with her committed on-rail surfing. Rebecca Woodsposted a 9.0 on her first ride and was nearly eliminated until shegrabbed an insider with under a minute left to make the turn.

In heat two, Melanie Bartels staged a riveting performance taking first,Heather Clark took second with a 7.33 on a glassy inside runner whilecrowd favorite, twelve-year-old Carissa Moore was unable to advance.Silvana Lima dominated heat three and in heat four, Kyla Langen andJessi Miley-Dyer upset Megan Abubo taking first and second respectively.

The men’s quarterfinals can best be summed up in the name Tim Curran.Just seconds into heat one, Curran took off on his first wave andproceeded to define progressive professional surfing. Transferring froma frontside hack, Curran achieved what may have been the largest airever seen in competition at Lowers, rotating a huge one handed grab andthen dropping 10 feet out into the flats then spun a foam climb 360 fora perfect 10. “I was so surprised I made that thing,” said Curranafterwards. “When I came down I felt my knees buckle but I was able tohang on and the judges gave me a 10. I think if I hadn’t been wearingbooties,” he reflected, “I would have broken both my legs for sure.”Curran paddled back out after his first wave and proceeded to dominatethe rest of the heat posting high scores on his back-up wave. RobMachado looked smooth as usual, tearing on his forehand for secondplace. Although Curran’s performance left the rest of the quarterslooking somewhat anticlimactic, insane action and drama continued in thefollowing hour.

A nearly set-less heat two saw David Weare take the win with AussieLeigh Sedley advancing in second place despite CJ Hobgood’s bestefforts. “I’m over the moon,” said the smiling, gregarious Aussie ofhis amazing run. Eneko Acero posted an 8.6 with under two minutesremaining in heat three obtaining second place and Pat O’Connell surfeda flawless run to take the win. Local Chris Ward banked a pair ofrights to capture the top slot in heat four, with Adrian Buchan taking aclose second.

Heat one of the women’s semi-finals saw Laurina McGrath hook a series ofsnaps for the win with Rebecca Woods advancing to the finals in secondplace. Melanie Bartels looked likely to advance with an 8.5 on theboards, but Woods defeated her in the final moments of the heat.Brazilian Silvana Lima dominated in the second heat, posting a 9.5 toobtain the win with Jesse Miley-Dyer claiming second.In heat one of the men’s semi-finals, South African David Weare heldnothing back attaining a 9.33 on his first wave. Machado grabbed thesecond place slot while Tim Curran was unable to duplicate his successearlier in the day knocking him from the finals.

Goofy-footer Adrian Buchan drove his way into the finals in the top slotof heat two, wrapping several cutbacks on his forehand and boosting anice air on the inside. Chris Ward looked likely to claim second, butlost his board in the final three minutes of the heat, a turn of fatethat opened the door for Pat O’Connell. Pat dropped into a wave at thehorn needing to post a 7.67 and narrowly surpassed his goal, edging outWard with a 7.77. “I was really nervous,” said a relieved O’Connell,”but I saw one out the back that Adrian let me have. I knew I needed agood score but by that last turn I figured it would be enough.”

In the women’s finals, Silvana Lima pounced on two set waves in theopening minutes of the heat to post an 8.67 and a 9.67, scores thatproved to be insurmountable for the rest of the pack. Draped in aBrazilian flag on shore break, a smiling Lima said what was translatedto: “I am ecstatic nearly beyond words.”

The men’s final, like the women’s, saw David Weare set the bar early on.Weare lofted a frontside air midway through his first wave on hisforehand, landing and blazing down the line with several hooks to theinside for a 9.23. Weare then backed that score with a 7.83, a backup score that would hand him the win as Aussie Adrian Buchan came onfuriously in the final few minutes, but missed the margin by .16. “Thishas been like a dream day,” said Weare. “Every heat has been reallytough but fortunately I got two good waves off the bat.”

The Body Glove Surfbout presented by Adio would like to thank all thesponsors that helped make this year’s contest one of the best in itshistory: Adio Footwear, Arnette Eyewear, Giant Bikes, Hawaiian Tropic,Red Bull, as well as Surfer, Surfing and SG. Fuel, the action sportstelevision network will air a one-hour show as part of the CaliforniaTrifecta surfing series the network is covering. Check inMay for airdates and times.

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