Tour Log With Bruce Irons

Bruce is under a microscope. His jump to the ASP World Tour was the most anticipated and overdue news in surfing. So, far the first two contests haven't gone amazingly well, but with the big events (when I say big, I mean the f–king crazy death pits at Teahupo'o)–Bruce has taken his equal thirty-thirds with a grain of salt. Living and learning on the WCT can be a hard thing, especially when everyone on the tour is headhunting for the golden child. Look for big things from Bruce in the next series of events–I'm claiming top five at Teahupo'o–anyone wanna bet a hundred bucks on it?–Chris Cote

This interview was done via cell phone. Bruce was driving around Kaua'i looking for waves on April 14, 2004.

So is the tour everything you thought it would be?

I thought the first contest was gonna be better than it was as far as waves go. Some contests have good waves, and some contests have shitty waves–I was just expecting the waves to be perfect.

Is there a lot of pressure on you since you've made the tour?

The only pressure I really feel is the pressure I put on myself. It's a lot different from the 'QS–much bigger crowds and a lot more hype. I've been tensing up lately in heats, and it's kind of been pissing me off. I think I'll get into the groove here soon enough.

How's the media attention been?

It's all right. At the events, it seems like the media is a lot more professional.

What about doing those press conferences–are those things weird?

Yeah, it's weird cause I wonder why I'm even at them. It's my first year and I haven't done shit yet. It's cool, though–it hypes up the sport so that's good for everyone.

Do you think the other guys on the tour are trying extra hard to beat you because your making the tour was such big news?

I'm sure they are. I'd want to crush anyone new to the tour, too. Like, “I'll show you it's not gonna be easy!” Whack!

Are you excited for Teahupo'o? People are expecting some ripping from you.

I just want not to get another f–king equal thirty-third.

What have you learned on the tour so far?

Just to relax more. Not think too much, and just surf. I've been locking up in heats.

Has there been any kind rookie hazing?

Not yet. But I wouldn't put up with it if there was.


Bruce brings his brand of balls-out ripping to the WCT.

The fans follow Bruce to the tour.