Tow In Situation Out Of Control On Gold Coast

Australia is cool because they haven't become a litigious nation full of stupid laws. However, personal freedom—like doing tow-ins at Snapper or Kirra—can really ruin someone else's day Down Under. Case in point, last year I surfed Burleigh Heads for the first time ever on a pretty solid, six-foot day. With a river-like current sweeping down the beach, us guys paddling weren't getting a ton of waves, but there were some good ones. Unfortunately, any good wave that came through was snatched up by a dude being pulled by a jet ski. A first time visitor, I wasn't pissed—just really jealous. It's a pretty basic tenet in surfing: No skis around when guys are paddling! Read the article below called "Tow In Surfers Risking Lives" for insight into the situation on the Goldy…

Tow In Surfing

Yeah dude you’re ripping!
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TOW-IN surfing laws are needed before someone is killed, say proponents of the growing sport.

But action is unlikely anytime soon as Maritime Safety Queensland has been sitting on a proposal for the past five years. During the week, thrill-seeking surfers used jet-skis to be towed on to wild 3m waves whipped up by ex-tropical cyclone Hamish.

Most were breaking the law, as tow-in surfing is classified the same as waterskiing which requires a spotter, or observer, on board. All three — driver, spotter and surfer — must also be wearing lifejackets. Many of the tow-in surfers seen this week were not wearing life jackets and did not have spotters.

Gold Coast water police said several tow-in surfers had been booked for not having a spotter. “It involves a $300 on-the-spot fine,” said acting Senior Sergeant Mark Kelly.

On Wednesday, a group of men who had been tow-in surfing off Duranbah beach had to be rescued after their jet-ski broke down and they washed ashore.

Are we way out of line saying that jet skis should be nowhere near surfers paddling in? Let us know in the comment box below!