Transworld Shop Stop Wrap Up

Last week, Transworld Business and the East Coast retail sales crew took a little road trip in Central Florida for our first ever 'Transworld Shop Stop'. On Wednesday morning we met up with the Maui Nix crew at the Daytona Beach pier where we gulped down some much needed Dunkin Donuts coffee and paddled out in some fun waist-chest hi dumpy Ike windswell.  Although there was a pretty strong rip just north of the pier, if you took off right at the peak and made the steep drop in 1 foot of water, you were sure to either get a quick barrel and come out or get body slammed into the sandbar and then sucked back over again.  Local rippers like Jesse and Marcus Heilman found no problem boosting a few air reverses and throwing some fins free snaps.  Frankie Senese, Bryan Smith, Kai Goree and myself preferred tucking into some ledgy right hand tubes and being spat out back into the channel, kind of.

Maui Nix
The Maui Nix Shop in Daytona is one of seven shops throughout Florida and North Carolina. This shop in particular is huge and carries hundreds of different surf and skate brands including the latest in Transworld apparel.  We'd like to give a big thanks to Frankie, Bryan, Kai and the rest of the Maui Nix crew for letting us stop by.  Also, special thanks to Jesse and Marcus Heilman and the other groms who skipped school to come show us how it's done in the water!  And an extra special thanks to my girl Joy at Lollipops!!
We were then lucky enough to catch Nick, Javier, Golden and the rest of the crew at Quiet Flight in Cocoa Beach on Wednesday night.  We caught them just in time to get a quick shop tour with a bit of a Quiet Flight history lesson (did you know who Slater's first board sponsor was?) before heading over to Chili Peppers for dinner.

Local chef/bartender/waiter/surfer/legend "Duderman" hooked it up with some bomb ass Mexi-american cuisine and some even more bomb ass margaritas all night!  Thanks again guys!
On Thursday morning we cruised by Catalyst in Melbourne where we were welcomed by shop employees Jeremy and Austin who let us try out a few different Placebo shapes and showed us to some fun waves down the street.  Although, not quite as consistent as the previous day, there were still some shredding to be done as the Catalyst crew let us know right off the bat.

As I sat on the beach slightly hungover from the previous night's whisky shots at Lou's Blues (*don't go upstairs there), I noticed Jeremy and Austin were throwing some serious hacks and getting 2 or 3 turns in on the junky waist high wind slop.  Even Transworld's Mike Glenn was shredding pretty hard with a few 80's inspired frontside snaps, making the surf look much more fun than it was.
Later, the guys were kind enough to provide us with some …Lost energy drinks and the live webcast of the Boost Mobile Pro playing on the flat screen in the shop.  Those guys keep a tight looking shop and carried a ton of …Lost gear as well as the new Transworld SURF tees and videos.  The favorite tee all around was Catalyst's "Mallister" shirt which I think each one of us purchased before leaving.  They even have a hot tub out back where you can find team rider Harry Sack (yes, that's his real name) laying the mack down with the local ladies after a surf sesh.

Thursday night we dropped in at The Goods Surf and Skate to say whats up to Nick, Chris and Thea.  It was pretty rad to see the trophys from around the world won by Damien and CJ Hobgood that were on display.  The shop has a solid selection of JS, Channel Islands, and Firewires as well as the latest in apparel for men and women.  And as usual in the Shop Stop, the crew at The Goods was super cool and loaded up with TW products!

Overall, it was a great trip and we were stoked to have met up with some of our faithful retailers on the Right Coast.  Thanks again and we look forward to meeting up again next year. – Tim Goldstein