TransWorld SURF ASP World Tour Power Rankings


With Bells Beach (and a sprinkling of tubular Winkipop thrown in) firing on all cylinders for the 50th running of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, the cream of the World Tour crop rose to the top as Joel Parkinson beat Mick Fanning in a clash of the titans.

While Parko vs. Fanning in the final was no surprise, surfers like Jadson Andre and Chris Davidson raised eyebrows with their equal 5th performances. Jadson was particularly impressive.

With all the hate being spewed forth on our last Power Rankings post, we’ve called in the heavy artillery this time around, pro surfer and notorious blogger Damien “Dooma” Fahrenfort from

mick fanning.jpg
Mick Fanning

Looked as fast as ever and deserved to win, but the best man doesn’t always win. Ran out of steam in the final but who can blame him after a consistent heat average of over 18 points? Mick seems to have stepped his game up to match Jordy and Dane this year.

joel parkinson.jpg
Joel Parkinson

Easy on the eye and he didn’t lose a heat at Bells. Looked a bit more raw than usual which is good because fluid Parko is getting a bit boring. I think he was getting over scored on a few. Unless they keep over scoring him he will struggle to match the top 5 guys anywhere other than Bells.

jordy smith.jpg
Jordy Smith

Two 3rds are average results for Jordy, which is scary. What is even scarier is I don’t think he has had a good heat yet this year. A couple good scores in a few heats, but nothing worth remembering—yet. If he finds his form in the next event the world title could become a serious reality for him.

kelly slater.jpg
Kelly Slater

Nothing exceptional this event from the old dog. In his defense, he had slow heats wave wise but to get spanked by De Souza even after he breaks his board is like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Potter was calling he isn’t going to Brazil and might not finish the year. Dooma's Rumors thinks that his ego is too bruised not to come back and try smoke guys.

taj burrow.jpg
Taj Burrow

Surfing the best on the World Tour at the moment. Was unlucky to come up against an in-form Bobby Martinez but still surfed insane. I expect no less then a final place finish for Teebs at Brazil and now with his newfound love, I'm sure all his focus will be on the comp and not the bums in Brazil.

adriano desouza.jpg
Adriano De Souza

Watching Adriano is like watching a really good movie with a lot of awkward scenes.  The kind you plan your bathroom visit around or get up to make coffee just as you know that scenes coming up. He is doing huge turns and giving it everything he has got but the claims and body attitude have to stop. We get it; you're stoked and you're ripping. Now please calm it down a notch and you will win a lot of other fans outside of Brazil.

chris davidson.jpg
Chris Davidson

Whenever you hear Davo has been on a bender put him on your fantasy surf team and he won't disappoint. Looked insane and amped at Bells—also looking a bit sponsor-less. Would someone just hook Davo up already? He's here to stay whether you all like it or not.

owen wright.jpg
Owen Wright

Like Jordy, Owen is capable or getting 5ths in his sleep. It's only a matter of time before he wins his first event and the Wright family begins their world dominance. Owen's like a better, new-school goofy foot version of Bede in a non-disrespectful sort of way.

bobby martinez.jpg
Bobby Martinez

Bobby is back. He's looking as good as ever on those new Merrick's and his attitude is positive. One of the few surfers that speak their mind and I think he's turned the negative around to motivate him to surf harder. Missed beating Jordy by one mistimed turn. Still, lots of work ahead of him though now that he has lost his best two results from last year.

tiago pires.jpg
Tiago Pires

A 3rd and a 5th to start the year is huge for the “Portuguese Prince”. Had a few good heats at Bells but one of those guys that gets through heats without the biggest scores. Will be deadly in barrels so Tiago is in for a good year.

dane reynolds.jpg
Dane Reynolds

Too good to be at #1 so we gave him double 1. Please come back, we miss you. I can't keep watching these crap match ups with out any reward of a heat with Dane Reynolds coming up.

bede durbidge.jpg
Bede Durbidge

Is it finally the time where Bede starts struggling on tour? No. Bede will be back and will be here forever. Without Bede, guys like Jordy and new pros won't learn from their mistakes. Bede is such a good comp surfer he holds his competitors accountable for any mistake they make in a heat. Loosen it up and start getting weird with those big, carving 360s Bede, they're epic.

michel bourez.jpg
Michel Bourez

“Spartan” had some huge turns and good heat totals at Bells. Looking like he can take down the big five as long as he holds it together. Getting more and more stylish and composed with each comp. If there is a running left in Brazil, expect big things from Bourez.

dusty payne.jpg
Dusty Payne

DP got ripped off against Kieren Perrow at Bells and should've placed higher. Surfing great and looking a lot more comfy on tour this year. Stopped riding for Merrick and switched over to DHD and has been surfing great since.

alejo muniz.jpg
Alejo Muniz

As much as everyone said “beginners luck” he spanked guys in his first heat and ended a wave with a big forehand air. Was unlucky to lose against Jadson in shitty waves. Rookie of the year? Just throwing it out there.

Adrian Buchan.jpg
Adrian “Ace” Buchan

Always sharp and ripping. He had a hard one against Kerr at Bells and scored enough to win most heats. He will pull through in Brazil but he better hope he doesn’t match up with someone like Kerr again because turns cant beat those guys' aerial antics.

matt wilkinson.jpg
Matt Wilkinson

Best goofyfoot on the World Tour at the moment. He has the full package in the water and on the land—and I'm not talking about his dong.

jadson andre.jpg
Jadson Andre

Not always the prettiest but he is ripping and to pull a quarter at Bells is huge. I saw Jadson charging Pipe this year to so he has stepped it up in all areas. Lets see some inverted airs in Rio you crazy spider monkey on acid!

brett simpson.jpg
Brett Simpson

Had a slow, shitty heat at Bells but someone got through. Looked amazing at Snapper and should have kept it going. Gonna be good in the beaches of Brazil because you know if he can shred HB in the summer he can shred anywhere.

josh kerr.jpg
Josh Kerr

That's what we been waiting to see since Kerr's first year on tour—big turns on big faces. One of the standouts at Winkipop, Kerr should've used the mushy conditions to take to the air against Mick in round 3. When you're not a top 10 guy you have to make sure you get the first wave of the heat against these guys.

cj hobgood.jpg
CJ Hobgood

Surfed good in a few heats but lost his consistency somewhere along the way. Not the same Hobgood that was on tour a few years ago. It's not the times because he still has all the goods. Either give it everything or retire for a few years. As a World Champ he has the chance to take a break and come back like Andy and Kelly did.

heitor alves.jpg
Heitor Alves

Some good surfing at Bells from the amped up Brazzo. Looking better this year and I expect to see some good surfing in Rio. Get more confident, I've seen that huge prong of yours hanging out your trunks—you should be walking around like a King.

adam melling.jpg
Adam Melling

Big arcs, surfing fast, and looking more and more like Mick Fanning each comp. If this year doesn’t happen for him he could always be a stunt double for Neil Patrick Harris.

julian wilson.jpg
Julian Wilson

Jules come on you killing us and our fantasy surf teams. Spanked by Davo? Let's see that surfing you been doing on your Web site. You may have been able to cruise the WQS surfing at 50% but not the World Tour. Start taking some risks, please.

damien hobgood.jpg
Damien Hobgood

Expected to see a better showing after coming off a win at Margaret River. The Hobgood's are normally the guys on the other side of those slow heats—not on the losing side.

pat gudauskas.jpg
Pat Gudauskas

Some good surfing in round 1, and one of the best turns of the comp in round 2. It seems like a down the line wave suits Pat more then a slopey, slow wave even though that's what his home break of Lowers is.

taylor knox.jpg
Taylor Knox

Seems like whenever some one talks about retirement they're setting themselves up for failure. Don’t quit now Mr. Knox—there aren't enough power surfers and lines like yours being drawn on tour.

gabe kling.jpg
Gabe Kling

Always a shoe in for a round three finish. Pulls some big heat wins in round two a lot of the time but doesn’t seem to have what it takes to make round four even though he's better than other guys getting better results.

jeremy flores.jpg
Jeremy Flores

Looked really good in his heats as he pushed hard and went for the closeout hits even with a dodgy knee. I'm sure he will take some scalps in the next event whether it's in the surf or in the ring.

fred patacchia.jpg
Fred Patacchia

Has an injured knee but will be back soon we hope. Maybe not in time for Brazil, but after that break he will come back firing.

kieren perrow.jpg
Kieren Perrow

Over scored at Winkipop but that's not his fault. Boring unless there are big barrels—but they need him on tour—someone has to get up every morning at six to help make the call.

dan ross.jpg
Dan Ross

Needed to take advantage of the big walls on offer at Winkipop. Could be a hard struggle the rest of the year but if there is a man for the job it's Rossy.

raoni monteiro.jpg
Raoni Monteiro

Surfing well and capable of some good results. Has all the airs he just needs a heat win or two to get confident. Don’t count him out just yet.

kai otton.jpg
Kai Otton

Last time Kai got a good result it was at J-Bay and he had just come back from India where he “found himself”. Maybe he needs to head back there to realize that the Bondi Beach scene is not where it’s at and not a good place to practice for the World Tour.