TransWorld SURF ASP World Tour Power Rankings


After 2011 ASP World Tour event #3, the Billabong Rio Pro, Adriano De Souza sits in the drivers seat in the ratings—but not the TransWorld SURF Power Rankings. Penned by Damien "Dooma" Fahrenfort, the Power Rankings take into account more than floaters and double-fisted claims.

As always, we value your comments and feedback.

taj burrow.jpg
Taj Burrow

Taj is surfing leagues above the rest of the tour at the moment. He's constantly scoring above 16-points in heats and sticking airs and combos that no one else is doing. Also hungry for a World Title, and now a win with two second place finishes this year. With J-Bay coming up and TB's record there, I call for a new ratings leader.

kelly slater.jpg
Kelly Slater

Surfed insane in round one and good in round three, was unlucky to come up against a hungry Bobby Martinez who is as good as anyone on his day. What's the bald man gonna do? No one knows, but I do know he is definitely going to J-Bay. Let's just hope he doesn’t run into an in-form Sean Holmes this year, that'd be the makings for a battle.

joel parkinson.jpg
Joel Parkinson

Didn’t look that great on the lefts but still got high scores and picked great waves. The rest of the tour suits Parko a lot more so I'm sure he was happy with the result. He's been looking a lot looser with each event so he will be pushing hard at J-Bay.

adriano desouza.jpg
Adriano De Souza

The champ is here. No one can take his win away and he was amped. If you didn’t know he won I’m sure you heard him claiming it all the way from Rio De Janeiro. What did Parko's twitter read? “Contest done…. Adriano wins ha? Poor Owen feeling for you man”. If the rest of the year were in beachbreaks, I'd put my money on him for the World Title.

jordy smith.jpg
Jordy Smith

Jordy's still yet to have a good heat this year—his boards don’t look as good as last year. Maybe sticking to one shaper and not mixing up the boards could help. A shoe-in for at least a semi in J-Bay (more than likely a win) he is too good there and we all saw in Brazil what a home crowd can do for your confidence…and scores.

mick fanning.jpg
Mick Fanning

Went mad in his first round and surfed good in his round 3 heat. This year is shaping up to be a close one, and when push comes to shove, Mick doesn’t choke. He seems to prefer to come from behind…on the ratings that is.

owen wright.jpg
Owen Wright

Like Jordy, Owen is capable or getting 5ths in his sleep. It's only a matter of time before he wins his first event and the Wright family begins their world dominance. Owen's like a better, new-school goofy foot version of Bede in a non-disrespectful sort of way.

bobby martinez.jpg
Bobby Martinez

Bobby is back. He took down Slater and still scored well in his losing heat. He's looking as good as ever on those Merrick's but there is one problem; his seed is so shit now that he will always come up against the top guys in round three. It's gonna take two more great results to stay on tour, but he can do it.

jeremy flores.jpg
Jeremy Flores

Some good surfing and looking solid in the Brazilian beachies. A semi is a great result for the Frenchman’s campaign and his confidence. Can he do the same at J-Bay? I doubt it, but don’t count the man out—he's a good competitor. He just needs to make sure he stays away from any centaurs or kids without pens.

bede durbidge.jpg
Bede Durbidge

A much-needed result for Bede and I'm sure he is looking forward to the rest of the year now. Didn’t really notice anything great from him in Brazil, but it doesn't matter, he made it to the semis.

dane reynolds.jpg
Dane Reynolds

If he is not at J-Bay I'm not going. Please come back Dane, we miss you. Imagine what would have done to those lefts in Brazil…

michel bourez.jpg
Michel Bourez

The Spartan had the highest heat score of the event and looked awesome in those dumpy lefts. Suffered from an unfortunate neck injury in his round 5 heat with De Souza. Hope it's nothing too serious and he gets some rest before J-Bay. I look forward to seeing his more polished approach this year on some perfect rights.

josh kerr.jpg
Josh Kerr

That's what we've been waiting for and the airs didn’t let us down. Kerrzy moved inside to come from behind and take Davo with a huge air. He then dismantled Jordy in the same way—taking to the sky. If he repeats his Winkipop performance at J bay, this could be the start of a good run for the rest of the year.

tiago pires.jpg
Tiago Pires

The best results of Tiago's career have come in small, running lefts. I remember him taking Slater down in similar conditions to those in Brazil a few years back so I'm sure he's disappointed with his result. He mustn't get too relaxed as he could find himself in the lower teens in the blink of an eye.

chris davidson.jpg
Chris Davidson

Surfed well in Brazil but left Kerr to himself and lost right at the end of their heat. He had a hard time swallowing his result—he thought he'd won that heat. Maybe he would have done better if he went out the night before…

alejo muniz.jpg
Alejo Muniz

Needed to keep the push going. Both Jordy and Alejo were riding the same Merrick model and it looked bad for both of them. Don’t just ride the boards just because the logo is cool, boys.

Adrian Buchan.jpg
Adrian “Ace” Buchan

That's two bad results in a row for Ace. He surfed well in both events but I think Ace and a few other guys of that caliber who are used to 9ths or better are going to start having a bit tougher time.

matt wilkinson.jpg
Matt Wilkinson

Wilko pulled one of the sickest airs of the event in his first round but never really found his rhythm. I heard he has a surprise for us in the next event or two. Surfing with crocs on or webbed gloves? Don’t put anything past Wilko.

damien hobgood.jpg
Damien Hobgood

Good first round then had two average heats. He's gotten second twice at J-Bay so I'm sure Damo will be going mad down there. He's staying in Brazil for the Prime events so with a few good results there; I hope to see a more relaxed Hobgood.

brett simpson.jpg
Brett Simpson

Unfortunately got injured before Brazil but I'm sure he'll make a strong comeback.

adam melling.jpg
Adam Melling

Went mad and combo'ed Alejo Muniz but then had a melt down in his next heat. Adam should be in the in the top 16 quite easily. Once he realizes how good he is, I think guys will be in trouble.

heitor alves.jpg
Heitor Alves

Good round 2 heat win but let a good opportunity slip by and went down in round three. This could be becoming a pattern. With a few 6 star primes now in Braz land I'm sure he'll have enough points to make the cut this year.

dusty payne.jpg
Dusty Payne

Surfing great but giving up too easy. Needs to get that fire he had at Snapper back and not give up halfway through the heat. Like Luke Egan said in the commentary box, these guys can't afford to show themselves losing it to the judges, we all know how easily influenced they are.

jadson andre.jpg
Jadson Andre

Found the tube but not the air like we wanted to see. Didn’t back last year up but was unlucky to come up against a inform Michel Bourez. Like his fellow Brazo’s he needs to fly to J-Bay early and start working on linking his turns because J-Bay will reveal his flaws just like it did last year.

raoni monteiro.jpg
Raoni Monteiro

Surfed well to beat Mick Fanning in round 3 but again, needs to fly to J-Bay early and work on his flow and linking maneuvers. He's got all the moves and tricks but needs some help on the rest.

dan ross.jpg
Dan Ross

Yeah Rossy! That was a huge result for him in Brazil and surfed to his strengths, which was choosing bombs and not falling. Never count the man out; he is up for any challenge.

cj hobgood.jpg
CJ Hobgood

Dismantled Julian in round two then melted down in the third round. Just when I thought he was on the rise again he let me down. But, CJ is epic at J-Bay and still one of the best guys on tour—he should be in the top ten, not the bottom ten. Ceej had a bad head injury after the comp but I think he's making a good recovery. He might be using a Gath helmet at J-Bay.

pat gudauskas.jpg
Pat Gudauskas

Got Jordy Smith in his first heat in an average scoring battle. Didn’t really take advantage of the conditions, and sorry Pat, I have to mention the claim for that little double grab.

taylor knox.jpg
Taylor Knox

Good round one heat poor round 3 heat, Looks like he is enjoying his last year on tour but I would be stoked to see Taylor get a huge result at J bay and make the cut for the rest of the year.

julian wilson.jpg
Julian Wilson

Surfed great and maybe did the best move of the event but it was too little too late. I think Julian is putting too much pressure on himself in his first year on tour and only once he was combo'ed with a few minutes to go in Brazil we finally saw what he is capable of.

gabe kling.jpg
Gabe Kling

I'm afraid this event is one that Gabe needed to capitalize on and didn't. His backhand is his strong point and so is finding waves. He needs to get back on the WQS series and focus if he wants to stay on Tour because it will be hard for Gabe to secure a big result at J-Bay.

kieren perrow.jpg
Kieren Perrow

Managed to make a heat but nothing happened after that. He surfs well at J-Bay and picks good waves. He will have to surf his best if he wants to even beat the lower seeded guys there.

kai otton.jpg
Kai Otton

Looked better but still too desperate. He needs to slow it down and concentrate on bigger moves and flowing a bit more. He is one of the better backhanders at J-Bay so keep your eye on him in the next event.

fred patacchia.jpg
Fred Patacchia

Knee is on the mend and will be at the next event. Sounds like it was a good break from his Twitter feed and he is frothing to be back in the water.