Rip Curl “Surfboards In The Sand” Fundraiser Sept. 19


Carlsbad, CA-TransWorld SURF, the leader in surf media, announced today it has joined with Huntington Beach, California to sponsor an "Epic Day" in surfing history.

The event, called the Rip Curl "Surfboards In The Sand," will take place on September 19, 2009 next to the Huntington Beach Pier. The purpose of the event is to honor surfing and to raise awareness and funding for protecting the coastal environment.

Proceeds from the event will be used to provide funding to Orange County Coastkeeper and The Surfrider Foundation Huntington Beach Chapter.

"TransWorld SURF is really excited to be apart of such a historic day for Huntington Beach and the surrounding surfing communities," says Charlie Anderson Publisher of TransWorld SURF. "As surfers, we all care so much about the environment and all share a deep concern for protecting our waves. This is a great opportunity for TransWorld to get involved and give back a little."

As part of its contribution to the cause, TransWorld SURF will include a 1-year subscription valued at $14.95 to everyone who preregisters for the event by September 10. Preregistration costs just $10.


Attendees will enjoy a truly epic day in surfing including free live entertainment, special deals from
participating merchants and sponsors, and the opportunity to appear in a historical and potentially record-setting group photograph that will appear in TransWorld SURF and other publications.

Those who cannot attend can still support the cause by purchasing a Rip Curl Surf Boards In The Sand T-shirt

"We are so pleased to have TransWorld SURF as a partner in this worthy cause," says Donna Mulgrew, Vice President and COO of the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau. "TransWorld SURF and Huntington Beach are both icons in surfing and we are both devoted to protecting the oceans we love."

Attendees who want to take advantage of the free Rip Curl T-shirt offer MUST pre-register online by September 10. Registrations received after September 10 will cost $20 and T-shirt supplies will be limited.

Register online at