TransWorld SURF Lounge 2002 A Huge Success

In true Orange County style, the Philips Fusion U.S. Open of Surfing is undoubtedly branded for life with a “TransWorld SURF ROCKS” tattoo right around its belly.


The world-renowned, self-proclaimed monster of a surf contest now has a partner in crime with the TransWorld SURF Lounge. For four straight days, the TransWorld SURF Lounge went crazy, coming back each morning with more games, DJs, pictures with a pro, autograph signings, bands, video game sampling (including the new TransWorld SNOWboarding for Xbox game!), video premieres, and a V.I.P. Lounge so happenin’ all the top industry heads including Dave Schriber from Gravis, Bob McKnight from Quiksilver, Dick Baker from Op, Bruce Beach from Electric, and Alibaba from Beach Happy all cruised by to hang out.


The TransWorld SURF Lounge unleashed itself upon the Philips Fusion U.S. Open of Surfing with the intention of being the ultra-cool locale for anyone and everyone to hang out. With Gravis graffiti artist Misk creating an amazing mural all weekend, the Copia beachballs bouncing around as much as the Orange County silicone, and the Sessions recording artist Audiocrush tearin’ up the place, it’s no wonder Oakley pros Damien Hobgood, Bobby Martinez, Shaun White, and Jeff Conley had difficulty focusing in order to take their pictures with the tons of kids who waited in line in front of the iron-clad Oakley truck. While Ezekiel and Gravis DJs spun all day, the crowds migrated towards the Dragon tent to smear mustard and ketchup all over themselves for some sunglasses or cruised over to the Philips Beach House to check out the brand-spankin’-new 411 Video Magazine Surfing Issue #1. Those who wanted to get a little extra sun hung out and waited for the autograph signings from Op’s Tim Curran and the Gravis team, including the U.S. Open’s newly crowned champion, Kalani Robb. It’s safe to say that the Lounge was as hot and sweaty as a star quarterback on prom night.


TransWorld SURF would like to thank all of the SURF Lounge partners for coming out big and going home even bigger:

Oakley Copia Quiksilver Gravis Dragon Poor Specimen Jack’s Surf Shop Atari Sessions Poorboy Wax Huntington Surf and Sport

Check out the link and pictures below for day-to-day coverage of the event as well as some exciting videos of girls and boys decked out in barely anything. OC rules.