TransWorld SURF Officially Going Bigger In 2011

TransWorld SURF

TransWorld SURF Invests In Print With Larger Size And Better Paper Quality For 2011

June 14, 2010 – Carlsbad, CA – Hot on the heels of TransWorld SURF's recent success with its 2010 BIG PHOTO BOOK, the magazine is now officially going bigger across all issues beginning with volume 13, issue 1 for 2011.  
During the past year TransWorld SURF has recorded a substantial 10% increase in its print circulation, with overall revenue increasing by more than 25%. This puts TransWorld SURF in a great position to return to its original larger formatted magazine with better paper quality beginning with the 2011 volume year.  "Many people say print is dead, but I don't see that holding true for us," said Publisher Charlie Anderson.  "With our subscriber numbers continuing to increase and our BIG PHOTO BOOK selling out in shops all across the nation, it only shows me that people still want to hold a big, bold, beautiful magazine in their hands no matter how many digital accessories are out on the market today."
Increasing the magazine's size and quality of paper will heighten newsstand presence and bring more value to its readers and those who are advertising in the magazine.  TransWorld SURF's focus is to reinvigorate its readers and restore their confidence back into print by providing a bigger, more enhanced display of editorial features, photography, and advertisements in addition to an exhilarating redesign.  TransWorld SURF will be increasing its trim size back to its original launch format.
"Most magazines are getting smaller, cutting pages, and basically doing the bare minimum to get by," said Editor In Chief Chris Cote.  "We're doing the opposite. We know what our readers want and we're giving it to them. By making TransWorld SURF's magazine bigger and ramping up our paper quality, we've taken another step ahead of the competition. Every month you're going to get a surf magazine that will demand a spot on your coffee table."

About TransWorld SURF Since its inception in 1999, TransWorld SURF has become the embodiment of youth, progression and innovation.  Through its print, online, and video properties, TransWorld SURF is the fastest growing surf media company in the industry. Found online at
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Go bigger with TWS and Danny Fuller in 2011. Recent cover photo by Damea Dorsey.

Go bigger with TWS and Danny Fuller in 2011. Recent cover photo by Damea Dorsey.