TransWorld Surf: On the X Box

TransWorld Surf Videogame

Platforms – Microsoft(r) Xbox(tm) , Playstation 2
Estimated Release date – Fall 2001
Developer – Angel Studios
Publisher – Infogrames, Inc.
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Product Description
The TransWorld Surf videogame, developed by Angel Studios has the best technology available and gives TransWorld Surf the most astoundingly authentic waves, incredible water textures, lighting, shadows and particle effects ever seen. This game features a huge living environment where you’ll be able to interact with obstacles such as other surfers, photographers, body boarders, and dolphins. Watch out for a shark attack if your Karma Meter is low or if you surf out of bounds! The game also features licensed music chosen specifically to complement the surfing lifestyle. Click For Screen Grabs >>

[IMAGE 3]Features:

– Be the Pro: Surf style, special tricks and awesome extra abilities specific to each pro rider. Become part of the surfing lifestyle!

– Alive real-world surf spots featuring a beautiful aquatic world totally inspired from real life

– 13 surfing pros including Rochelle Ballard, Shawn Barron, Taj Burrow, Jason Collins, Tim Curran, Shane Dorian, Christian Fletcher, Andy Irons, Taylor Knox, Cory Lopez, Dan Malloy, Fred Pattachia, and Chris Ward

– 10 locations including Todos Santos (Baja California, Mexico), Huntington Beach (California, USA), Pipeline and Backdoor (Hawaii), Hossegor (France), Kirra Point (Queensland, Australia), Jeffries Bay (South Africa), Witches Rock (Costa Rica), Tavarua (Fiji), G Land (East Java, Indonesia), Teahupoo (Tahiti) and a secret bonus location!

– Licensed equipment, clothing and accessory sponsors including DC Shoes, Hurley Clothing, Nixon, Oakley, Volcom and more

– Tons of painful wipeouts depending on position and speed

– 1-4 player simultaneous play

Game play and level goals:

Nail great surf style-
* Grind boats, shoot piers, tag rocks
* Ollie signs, Ride the pipe and more

Hit your goals-
* Get the top score to open new levels and secret breaks

Make it on the cover of TransWorld Surf magazine-
* Surf to find the best wave breaks in the level
* Discover the sweet spots for trick photography
* Nail your best trick and snap! You’re on the cover!

[IMAGE 2]The TransWorld brand line of video games will include TransWorld Surf, TransWorld Skateboarding and TransWorld Snowboarding. The TransWorld games will offer the most compelling gameplay, the best technology, real pros, real tricks, real world locations and the best real equipment and gear. Contact: