TransWorld SURF Wins An Award… From Another Surf Mag

Beyonce just cleaned house at the Grammy’s. And we just won ourselves a major award. What award you ask? Well, an ESeMMY of course.

Eastern Surf Magazine‘s 8th Annual ESeMMY Awards were just announced in their latest issue (check it out here). The ESeMMY’s are ESM‘s bestowing of greatness and recognition in the world of surf from the previous year. Lo-and-behold, the ESeMMY for Best East Coast Coverage By West Coast Media went to TransWorld SURF. We are truly honored to get some acknowledgment from our East Coast brethren (and so’s that Coast Guard captain who got the ax from that beefy Long Island left we ran. Sorry about that one…). Only thing is, we still haven’t received that ESeMMY yet. Is it lost in the mail? If so we’ll just take Maria (ESM Girl Of The Year, that’s her below) as our replacement. We’ll keep whining till we receive her in the mail…


Check out the explanation behind our receiving the award below, and be sure to check out all the ESeMMY’s at And to check out some of our AWARD WINNING 2009 Hurricane coverage, head here, and here, and here.


Well, Shut Our Mouths—Best East Coast Coverage By West Coast Media
TransWorld SURF

Whether the surf industry is the canary in the coalmine or the waste of a trickle-down effect, when a recession hits surf publishing, every page counts. Every feature, every department, every photo. Nothing mundane or cute can stay. Fashion takes a distant back seat to function, and the groovy becomes scientific. Which makes it all the more improbable that a West Coast publication would throw the East Coast a bone with meat dripping off both ends.

Bequeathing this award for the first time to TransWorld SURF, our decision was influenced by a single edition. With 59.5 pages of working editorial space, TWS' December 2009 issue dedicated 28 of those pages to East Coast breaks, surfers, and/or ideals. They abandoned the somewhat standard West Coast practice of haphazardly getting another patronizing hurricane feature out of the way before retreating back into a Coolifornia cubicle, opting instead for native Floridian-turned-North Shore fixture Pete "Flipper" Hodgsen's jetty-angled covershot of C.J. Hobgood backside pirouetting at Sebastian Inlet over a big and bold "Hurricane Havoc" cover blurb (that shot marked Pete's first major surf magazine cover, captured during his first session ever shooting Sebastian Inlet). Editors were smart to turn the writing wheel on that theme over to the experts, enlisting newly minted ESM Editor Nick McGregor and Assignment Writers Zander Morton and Jon Coen to scribe the three-part feature. Zander's journalistic skills were also put to use for a flattering eight-page story on an East Coast super trip to Panama for the filming of Spectacular Adventures! Editor Chris Cote's intro addressed Right Coasters' love/hate relationship with hurricanes. And Baron Knowlton, Eric Geiselman, and Brian Toth sucked up nearly half the love in the "Photo Gallery" section, a spot you'd think was reserved for Irons Mania. Hell, the one Andy Irons shot they did run was taken in New Jersey of all places. Then they went on to pick Aaron Cormican's brain in "Last Words," disrobe Brendan Buckley in a "Check Out" profile, and drop a full-page Tommy O'Brien shot in their "Surfboard Guide." After shouting it from the rooftops for 18 years, the only thing bad about TransWorld SURF's Eastern exposure was how much we had to step up our own game.

Be careful what you whine for.