Transworld SURF 2008 Boost Mobile Pro Picks

Us surf magazine people think we know everything. That's probably because we do know everything, and we love to brag about knowing everything. When we speak, people listen, um, I mean, when we write stuff, people read it. That didn't really make sense. But anyway, the Boost Mobile Pro is coming to Trestles, and we're gonna tell you who we think is gonna win, whether you like it or not. Lets start with me.

Chris Cote
Editor in Chief
I'm not gonna say the K word, I will however say the D word, yes, Dane Reynolds is my pick to win the Boost Mobile pro. Why, cause he shreds—how's that for expert opinion. I just think that he's gonna paddle out, not caring about points and all that shit, and just rip. He's opened a few cans of whoop-ass surfing in a few events, but hasn't really followed through all the way to the finals, and I think his nerves have improved. If he can just surf like himself and not worry about the grand scheme of the tour and all that shit, he'll win. I'm not sure of the draw, but at some point, he will most likely meet up with Jordy Smith, and that will be an incredible heat to watch. My other top pick would be Andy Irons, he's pissed off and he is like a vampire starved for blood, but he lives on contest wins, so he'll be an animal out there.

Aaron Checkwood
Photo Editor

Last week I was at the horse races and I shit you not, there was a horse named Parko. I thought, "I better put him in my trifecta," but didn't, and the damn horse came in second. There's so many choices between guys who excel in this stuff like C_tlips Fanning, Taj Burrow, and Parko, but I'm on the lookout for the underdog. I believe it's gonna be the guy that gets his first win on tour just like it was Bede a few years ago and Richie Lovett before that. Here you go: Box the Trifecta with Dane Reynolds to win, Taj Burrow to place, and Jay Thompson to show.

Casey Koteen
Managing Editor

Everyone's gonna say Kelly. Well duh, of course he's going to win the thing. And especially if the surf is inconsistent, which there's a good chance of since a lot of the last few south swells that've come in have gotten chopped up through Tahiti and have turned out to be inconsistent. And that suits Kelly great, he just has the magic touch when it comes to waiting for and snagging waves in a heat, even in between sets he'll find eights.

But outside of Kelly, I reckon Jordy is looking solid for his best result of the year. He's been out at Trestles a few times this year and has looked super strong out there. He also throws maybe the most spray out there of anyone, along with Taylor Knox, which brings in the big scores. And last year, the only thing that stopped Jordy from knocking down more big names was when he got hit with a massive flat spell in his last heat and couldn't get a second wave.

Ryan Brower

Editorial Assistant
Though I didn't wanna pick him just for the shear principle of it, I really can't see anyone beating Kelly at Lowers this year. He's unstoppable at this point, and you know he's hungry to bounce back strong after the Search event. But if anyone can knock Kelly out early, definitely watch out for Jordy Smith (who surfs Lowers almost as good as Kelly), Bede Durbidge (he won the event two years ago), and Taj Burrow (he's looking to get rid of that 17th finish and always puts up solid results at Trestles).

Mike Fish
Associate Editor

Not to be predictable here, but I think Slater will take Lowers. Sitting in first by more than 1000 points (he's won four out of the six events this season), he has some serious momentum. Not to mention: he won Trestles last year, he absolutely annihilates Lowers rights like no one else, and he's currently exhibiting a grounded, yet potent confidence the likes we've never seen, even from him. Which is scary.

Carl Stiendler
Photo Associate

Jordy will win Trestles purely based on the way he was surfing there yesterday morning. The pack was thick and filled with many of the CT elite, yet Jordy always seemed to pick off the best set waves and completely destroy them. He is relaxed, ready and comfortable there. Plus, he needs to make a run for Rookie of the Year!