TransWorld’s Jeff Baldwin Reports From The Rip Curl Search WCT Deep In Mexico.

The waves are beyond perfect. It’s hard to explain how many 10 second or more barrels we’ve all watched and surfed. This morning I arrived after a rally race drive with web caster Marty Thomas to watch Tom Whitaker get a barrel that was probably 20 seconds long. The wave was so dredging that after he walked in he noticed his board had buckled while riding the barrel!

The Quotes are flying all around…
Mick Fanning: ” It my new favorite wave”
Taylor Knox: “These are the best waves I’ve ever surfed.”
Kelly Slater: “I think that was the best barrel of my LIFE” this after sitting in the line up after his heat was over 5 minutes into Andy’s heat, then almost running Andy down driving through his rouge barrel. He got fined $500 bucks but according to Slater, “it was well worth the fine.”

Every Australian is losing their mind and I’m sure there’ll be many new homeowners in the near future. Most of the Cooly Kids are claiming Snapper never gets as good, which is pretty damn crazy to hear from the tube time masters.

I think there have been 50 broken boards in 2 days and the local economy is flourishing from the work and the guy who fixes the boards is great. Almost every competitor has broken multiple boards and they’re all scratching around borrowing other guy’s sticks after they loose. Last night Taylor Knox wouldn’t go surf another perfect right point with me because, as he said with the most tortured face” I can’t afford to break another board.”

The level of surfing is out of this world and all involved are overwhelmed with joy. All you hear when you sit around the competitor tent is ” OH MY GOD”–Jeff Baldwin

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One piece of advice: Watch the comp on a PC, it’s a nightmare watching it on a MAC. Apparently, live Web casts are set up to run on PC’s and don’t work well on MAC’s.—Justin Coté Online Editor at TransWorld SURF