Treacherous wave Ours finally delivers swell after quiet summer; video

After last year’s bone-crunching and action-packed Red Bull Cape Fear surf contest at Ours (also known as Cape Solander) in Australia, the entirety of the surf world has been waiting for a repeat swell like that one for this year’s version of the event.

That has yet to happen, as the Sydney surf spot requires quite the swell. While the break has remained pretty quiet up to this point, late in July it did receive a swell that saw Ours turning on.

Sweet Solander July 2017 a Tim Bonython Short – Note** watch in 4K from Tim Bonython Productions on Vimeo.

In typical Ours fashion, Cape Solander offered up some stepped barrels, wipeouts and mutants. As filmer Tim Bonython states in the description for the video, “Cape Solander at Kurnell in Sydney has been very quiet this year until Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd of July 2017.”

With the running period for the Red Bull Cape Fear contest going until August 31, here’s to hoping another swell kicks up soon so we can all witness some more big-wave carnage.

Ours offering up some of those infamous bone-crunching wipeouts.

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