Trestles Talk With Beschen


As I cruised by Lowers today to check out the Nike 6.0 Pro I ran into the one and only Shane Beschen, who’s focused and ready to move up the WQS rankings. Shane’s been working with GrindTV lately on getting his webisodes and other endeavors out there, and you can check them out by clicking:

This guy was progressive when it didn’t pay off to be progressive and he still had a successful WCT career. Shane was one of the first people to let his voice be heard and to really start questioning the ASP when it came to judging format. He didn’t surf safe and felt maneuvers that required more risk should be rewarded with more points.

That was a decade ago. Now, guys like: the Irons brothers, Wardo and Taj are being rewarded for pushing the limits, and they all have had success on the WCT not going three to the beach.

Well here’s an interview with Shane Beschen. Listen up kids this guy knows what’s up and he knew what was up ten years ago.

Alright, besides your next heat what do you have planned?

I’m going to start doing a few more events this year to start building my rating up. I didn’t surf any events for at least two years and became unseeded, so I wasn’t even rated. Last year, I got into the Xcel [Xcel Pro Sunset Beach] and made the semis. This year I want to finish in the top 100 on the WQS, so I can get into the Triple Crown.

So you’ve been getting some good ones from Mayhem?

Yeah, he shapes all my boards. I ride for …Lost surfboards now, and I have two models “The Deal” and “The Rocket,” I’m very stoked on them. I actually have “The Deal” right here. I just picked it up this morning and it felt so good! I had to bring it down and just check it out, see how it works.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to put in an order for “The Rocket,” that thing looks so fun for summer.

Those things are sick. I love to just fly around on them.

You’re with Tavik now, how’s that going?

Good. I’m so stoked on them. I’ve actually been putting a lot of time and energy into doing little webisode segments and putting them up on I’m just into that, instead of making movies or getting photos, I make segments and post them. I think it’s a really cool evolution of media. I’m amped on that, going to be putting a lot of fresh segments together.

Now you got your sons following in your footsteps and coming up in surfing?

Yeah, I’m a dad now. My oldest boy, Noah, he’s seven, and he’s super into surfing and skating. It’s really fun watching him learn how to do all this stuff. When the waves are small it’s still super fun for me because I get to take him surfing.

Yeah, I used to live at Log Cabins so I’d see him cruising with Kalani David and all the North Shore groms.

Yup, that’s their little posse right there. Kalani, Noah, Barron and some others. They have a whole crew and are always pushing each other. It’s really cool to watch.

Well, good luck, go out there and shred.

Alright. See you around Tom […MORINformed].