Trestles Talk With T. Knox


South swell, offshore winds and reeling Lowers made for an epic day at the Nike 6.0 Pro. One of the favorites to win this contest is Californian heavyweight, Taylor Knox. If you want to perfect your bottom turn, do full carves, and of course, put it on-rail, Knox is the one to study.

Although Lowers was pumping all day. Taylor had a late heat and the ocean was silent for most of it, giving him reason to want to get back out there.

Here’s a quick interview with one of the most technically perfect power surfers ever, Taylor Knox, after he advanced through his Round 5 heat and into the Quarterfinals:

How did that heat go?

A little bit faster than my heat yesterday, but still a pretty slow heat for waves. I was expecting to surf a little bit more. It came through at the end and it was good to not get an interference with my buddy Lossness [Mike], I was stoked that he split it with me.

How do you feel about this contest?

Well, the waves are amazing, I just want to get out there and surf. That’s all I’m looking forward to, surfing, not looking at who’s in my heat, the waves are so good I just want to catch a couple, the reward is being able to surf out there.

[Pat O’Connell interrupts interview by asking ‘Why are interviewing him?’]

[Here’s a quick exchange between Taylor and Pat]

TK: You got nothing to say, so don’t even worry about.

PO: I got plenty to say.

TK: A lot of words are spoken but nothing is really said. Hey, but wait for me.

[Back to interview]

When do you leave for Tahiti?

Sunday morning.

Stoked on that?

I’m stoked. I can’t wait to get there, it’s just surfing in its purest form. You’ve got the most beautiful, beautiful water in the world. I don’t know. The place just looks like Jurassic Park, and the wave is Jurassic Park at the same time. It’s unreal, it just a place you go and see so much beauty in such a small amount of time. It’s sensual overload.

So last year the CT’ was crap. This year hasn’t goten off to that great of a start either, what’s your take?

We’ve really had a couple tough years here for waves. Last year, was definitely the worst waves on tour ever, and we’re struggling again this year. We never really get skunked in Tahiti, though, so I’m not really worried about that. We got Fiji back on tour this year, so things should get better.

All right, good luck man.

Thanks Tom.