“Trials To Titles”–The Tom Curren story to be aired February 27.

“Trials to Title–Tom Curren

U.S. Broadcast Premiere – Sunday, February 27, 200512:30pm PST FUEL Narrated by Gerry Lopez, Written by Chris Mauro, Produced & Directed by Alan Gibby. Featuring the music of Tom Curren, courtesy of Wedge Productions PTY Limited, NSW, Australia & Troubadour Entertainment

Interviews with Tom Curren, Dave Gilovich, Al Merrick, Evan Slater, Peter Townend. Images by ASG, DynoComm, Zone57 & The Curren family

Like all sports, surfing has always had its heroes. But while many come and go, true heroes are never forgotten–their legends only grow. In the world of surfing, no surfer proves this point better than California’s classic son, Tom Curren. Because while Curren came to power in the mid 80s with back to back World Titles…he became legend in 1990, when after a three-year hiatus, he reappeared to start from scratch and dominate the world of pro surfing in a way that can never be repeated. It’s hard to pinpoint why Curren’s legacy outweighs even his three incredible titles. Kelly Slater has long since passed him, and others like Andy Irons have matched it. Maybe it’s the fact that Curren won all his titles in front of huge crowds instead of remote reefs…Perhaps it’s his reluctant hero appeal that adds to the Curren mystique…Or maybe it’s the fact that to this day, he still holds the record of most tour event victories over every other surfer in history…even Kelly Slater.

Chris Mauro, Editor, Surfer Magazine