Tsunami To Hit The North Shore?

I thought I was dreaming this morning when I was awoken by a loudspeaker blaring “Get out of the water! Get out of the water!

What was it a shark sighting?Pollution?

A trick to clear all the haoles off the North Shore?

None of the above.

Turns out an 8.1 scale earthquake hit somewhere in Japan which caused a Pacific-wide tsunami warning and a plane was buzzing the North Shore broadcasting a tsunami warning. An 8.1 ain’t no joke, but all we were doing here at Rocky Point was waiting for the predicted one-foot tsunami to hit.

Yep–according to the tsunami cops, one foot.

I’ve farted in a bathtub and made bigger waves.

North Shore local Tory Barron was unfazed. “I’ll probably paddle out if it hits, said Barron as he waxed up his 6’0. “If it was a big one I’d grab my ski and head for the hills, though, he added.

Stay tuned for more tales of bravado from the North Shore…that is if we don’t wash away.