Tuesday Tickle: Stray Thoughts With Brendan Buckley

Tuesday Tickle: Stray Thoughts With Brendan Buckley

A week is a long time, especially for a brain. When a mind is given seven days to meander aimlessly through reality, it will produce some strange thoughts. Here are some surf related thoughts that have crept through my mind like drunken street cats in the past week…

-Kelly Slater has probably seen at least one full episode of Desperate Housewives.

-Hurricanes would generate 25% less hype if they weren’t named. Titles are the worst.

-If Gabriel Medina was a car, he would be a lime green Ford Fiesta. Probably not favored by any American male over the age of 35. Flashy—maybe even gaudy—but a frisky little bastard of a car.

-Dave Rastovich might listen to Hootie & the Blowfish before he paddles out.

-Football is probably more popularly misunderstood than surfing. People like it just so they can talk about it with other people. The announcers are the goofiest goons since Chris Farley. I seriously doubt those guys even towel change in the locker room. Dongs everywhere.

-Each beer you drink before surfing loosens the limbs to an equivalence of approximately ten minutes of stretching. However, after five beers, you may become too loose to function at a high level.

-The frontside air reverse is surfing’s paper clip. It’s the same as a staple, but foolishly thought of as otherwise.

-Even Dane Reynolds suffers from a case of surf-debilitating indigestion after being a glutton at lunchtime.