Tuesday Tickle 7/17

Tuesday Tickle: This Day In History With Brendan Buckley

July 17th. July 17th. What a prestigious day in surfing. The seventeenth day of the seventh month of the year has provided the surfing realm with many an astonishing event. Now, if you don’t mind, please allow me to enlighten me you with some good old fashioned Dave Stansfield-esque history! Confirmation is still pending on all of the following. Sam George, if you read this, could you please answer my emails?

Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard. Photo: Dorsey

7/17/2008: Alana Blanchard turned 18, thus graduating the surf world in its entirety out of the realm of pedophilia.

7/17/2005: Arguments over what to call certain aerial grabs began. The issue has been handed over to the US Congress and, surprisingly enough, a final ruling has yet to be made.

7/17/2003: A vaguely known Australian was the first surfer to use electronic music in an edit, igniting nearly a decade of edits so degenerative that only something as unpleasant as indie music could cure.

Tim Curran

One of those 90s guys? Photo: Sharp

7/17/1999: One of those nineties guys landed a big-spin. The shoes he wore were probably puffy.

7/17/1997: John John Florence became the first seven year old to think he got barreled and actually be correct. His mom is hot.

7/17/1992: One of those nineties guys landed a kickflip. His shoes were definitely puffy, possibly Air Jordans.

7/17/1990: Taylor Steele was berated with insults by his high school football coach. In his frustration, he made two of the most consequential decisions of his life. 1. He had unprotected sex. 2. He bought a video camera. He named his child Kai Neville.

Mark Occy Occhilupo7/17/1986: Occy told a really funny joke, to which Tom Curren replied “Mark, you’re a real riot.” Weeks later, at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach...

7/17/1985: Barton Lynch powered through a training session for the first time in surfing history. Shorts were very high, mustaches thick, and there was even a poster of a cat clasping onto a clothesline with the words “Hang in there” inscribed on it. It was a horribly awkward start to a phenomena that has yet to ditch its horrible awkwardness.

7/17/1982: Tom Curren told what was presumably a joke to Occy, to which Occy replied “Tommy, you’re a real riot ehh?” Unfortunately, Tom Curren wasn’t joking.

7/17/1979 and July 17th of every preceding year until CJ started getting yellow rails on his boards: Someone confused Damien and CJ Hobgood.

7/17/1942 Kelly Slater was born. It was thought that the infant Slater’s fiery gaze had given the obstetrician second degree burns, although it was later found to be rosacea.

So perhaps his dates are a bit off--matter of fact, he’s pretty off all together. Still, should we pay him a couple bucks (pun intended)?

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