Tune in

Time is at hand. We, as humans, will be tested beyond the boundaries of pain and suffering. The pain will come slowly and the suffering will shortly follow. Not only physical pain, but mental as well. The sheer anguish of waking up every morning will be enough to drive some people to give up.

Huge corporations are feverishly trying to bury the problem and consumers are ready for any advancement that could help ease the torment. As a society, we have faced these types of challenges before, but it seems as though society is getting weaker as a whole – it is depending on these corporations to help them. It will be a costly and risky investment, but if we don’t pay the price of the advanced materials and modern achievements, we will no doubt receive the pain and suffering at an alarming rate – many have already felt the pain. They can only hope for a savior in the form of a thick, flexible fullsuit that will keep them alive, ’cause damn, the water is f – king cold this year! – C.C.