TW Surf’s ‘100 Greatest Waves’ Book Now Available

Dave Rastovich
Davey Boy Gonsalves
Dominican Republic
Gold Coast
Joel Tudor
Koa Rothman
Mark Healey Backdoor Pipeline
Ocean Beach
P Pass
Puerto Rico
West Oz

TW Surf’s 100 Greatest Waves Book Now Available

TransWorld SURF has teamed up with Weldon Owen Publishing to create this 240-page coffee table book called 100 Greatest Waves. Packed with oversized photos from the most renowned surf photographers in the world, it's a celebration of surf travel and gives expert insight into where to score and when.

It’s a must have for any surfer and available now at and other fine retailers!

About TransWorld SURF’s 100 Greatest Waves
Every surfer dreams of catching the perfect wave–of that magical day when the beach, the water, and the weather come together to make for an unforgettable ride. The editors of TransWorld SURF have been there and surfed that, with some of the world's top pros. This book collects amazing photos of the 100 top spots to surf around the world, along with hands-on tips on how to go there yourself. From the classics you know and love (Mexico, Fiji, Hawaii) to those inside secret spots (Iceland, Lakshadweep, Wales) this is where you'll find the best surf the planet has to offer. Whether you're a globetrotting barrel hunter chasing the perfect wave, or a weekend warrior dreaming of the perfect vacation, let 100 Greatest Waves take you there.

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