Twiggy Wins Punta de Lobos Ceremonial Big Wave Event

May 8, 2009 : – – Competing in the first annual Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta de Lobos on Monday, XXL Biggest Wave of the Year award-winner Grant “Twiggy” Baker charged 15-foot surf and heinous currents on his way to first place.

Chile’s raw conditions and monster waves were enough to draw big wave surfers like Peter Mel, Carlos Burle, and the South African Baker. “This was a true big wave event,” said Baker. “It was a gnarly 15-foot out there, and we have no events like this at a left point break. It was dangerous.” Baker wasn’t exaggerating, there were several injuries, including Chilean León Vicuña, who separated his shoulder crashing in a colossal closeout barrel.