Twittering: It’s So Hot Right Now

CJ Hobgood Twitters. Do you? Photo courtesy AJ Neste/Surfing America

The act of Twittering has nothing to do with touching yourself, it is not a sexual connotation; it's a new way to get updates from presidential candidates, pro surfers, and magazine editors.
You should subscribe to Damien And CJ's twitter, it's pretty interesting to follow those two legends around the world and see what their day-to-day life is like, subscribe to it at You may even learn something (I learned that Damo and his wife are huge Carrie Underwood fans!). Also, if you want to know all things TransWorld SURF and Chris Cote at (I know, who doesn't) check out my twitter. Have fun, open up your cell phones to us and we'll fill your inbox with snippets of info, it's totally twitteriffic.