Two Body Glove Bikini Videos For The Price Of One

I have an idea: Let’s compare and contrast the 2009 and 2010 Body Glove bikini lines! The first clip (above) is from the 2009 line and looks like it was filmed at San Onofre. This is one is nice and beachy and adds some surf flavor via a babe in a bikini slowly waxing up a longboard…nice stuff.

Body Glove’s 2010 bikini line video takes us to what looks like a hillside villa in Laguna Beach. With some nice closeups (gotta check the stitching, right?) and even a kiss blown our way, it’s a tough call but I’m gonna have to go with the on-the-beach location featured in 2009 rather than the 2010 video.

Which one was your favorite?