Two Days in Tasmania

We’ve all seen images of Tasmania’s Shipstern Bluff and her mutated, stair-stepping, square barrels, but in case you were wondering what it would be like to actually ride a monster out there, wonder no further.

Last week a massive two-day swell blasted across the Coral Sea, sending mountains of water marching towards Tasmania. Day 1 saw scary conditions and very few makeable waves, which didn’t stop the Tassie crew from giving it a go. Alex Zawadzki would make National headlines for a near-drowning on a particularly evil slab of ocean which sent Alex to the hospital. The swell would clean up on the following day, providing some of the most picturesque views of the wave to date.

Surfer magazine was able to track down photog Andrew Chisholm for his photos of the trip, which can be seen here. Below is a first-person edit by one of Tasmania’s most respected chargers, Mikey Brennan, for your viewing pleasure. Mikey was able to capture one of the more terrifying aspects of the wave in this clip, the view of the approaching ledge and subsequent stair-step, air-drop just before a heaving tube section. Enjoy from the safety of your couch.

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