Tyler Fox Interview

[IMAGE 1]Tyler Fox
From: Aptos, California
Sponsors: O’Neill, Redsand, Dragon, Schroedel Surfboards

Have you ever seen those stickers that say, Where the hell is (Fill in with an obscure town)? Well Tyler Fox feels there should be some that say, Who the hell is Tyler Fox and where the hell is Aptos? Tyler’s a very likable guy that’s hungry to succeed as a surfer. – AC

Big Baby Checky: What do you like to do besides surf?

Tyler: I like to mountain bike a lot and I like artwork-I like to draw, paint, and stuff.

What kind of artwork do you do?

Right now at school, I’m doing acrylic paintings, sketching, and I also like ceramics-it’s fun.

Do you want to be a famous artist someday?

No, I just like doing it on my sparetime-I just want to stick to surfing mainly.

Do you have anything else you like to do?

Not really I just like to keep active.

Who do you surf with Santa Cruz?

I like to surf with a lot of my friends in the Aptos area-not really well known guys. I like to surf with Noi Kaulukukui, Ryan Augustine, and Bryan Shelton-a lot of the younger east-side guys are fun to surf with-they rip. Charlie Parker too, he surfs really good.

Who are some of the guys from Santa Cruz that you look up to?

Richard Schmidt, I think he’s the nicest guy and he rips still-hard. He’s always been a good guy to me helping me out. I’m actually going to Europe this summer with him. It should be fun-he’s a good guy.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?

I don’t know. Nothing really weird’s happened to me.

What else can I ask you?

You can ask me who my favorite surfer is and that would probably be Occy.

[IMAGE 2]Why Occy?

Cause the guy’s just gnarly. He made a killer comeback and he’s just got insane drive. I hope that I could have that kind of drive someday and I just love the power in his surfing and his no holds barred attitude.

Do you wish you were born in Australia?

Yeah, cause maybe I could get a little more publicity just cause were I was born, none’s ever heard of it. It’s on the outskirts of Santa Cruz and I’m not in the main scene with everybody so it’s kind of hard to get photos and publicity and stuff.

We’re changing that right now.

Good, good.

Any final comments?

No not really. That’s about it.

I’ll say it for you, thanks mom and dad.

Yeah thanks mom and dad-you guys are the best.

There you go.