Ultimate Mick Fanning Giveaway Winner Announced…

The search for Eugene’s whereabouts has come to an end. Well we’ve haven’t exactly found him, but at least a winner has been chosen to get all Mick’s gear. 23-year-old Curtis Parker of Ontario, Canada has given us the most insight on Eugene’s location and is racking in White Lightning’s gear to boot. Here’s Curtis’ gear-winning-thoughts on where Eugene has gone:

To stop him from coming back, Karissa created an alternate ego called Eugena, who married Eugene, both drunk, in an Elvis Vegas chapel. Eugene cannot come out on weekends as he is visiting in-laws and going furniture shopping. Eugene is in hell…

For the insight, Curtis will be pulling in all this:

Vertra Sunscreen pack

Rip Curl E3 Bomb

Rip Curl White Lightning Trunks

White Lightning DVD

Creatures of Leisure Mick Fanning Signature Pad

Creatures of Leisure Leash

Reef Mick O2 Signature Sandals

One of Mick's DHD Surfboards

Dragon Brigade Sunglasses

Case of Red Bull

Q-n-A with Curtis Parker:

Hometown: Midland, Ontario

Age: 23

How long have you been surfing: 3 years

What do you plan on doing with all that gear: Replacing all my beat up surf gear with brand new White Lightning gear.

Do you have your own fun-loving alter ego: I do, his name is Kyle, and he only comes out when I need school or any other boring stuff done. Fortunately, I get to do all the fun stuff!

Thanks to all who entered, and make sure to check out this month’s Bruce Irons giveaway here.