UM Surfboards Welcomes Ripper Che Stang To The Pro Team

San Diego–UM Surfboards is proud to add San Diego local Che Stang to the Pro Team. But is it any wonder? The dude rips: Che Stang is the total ripper! He rushes in the big stuff; he gets loon on the free surfs and kills it in the comps. And in the next few seasons he has big goals with a game plan for living his dreams. So, naturally, he’s starting by getting his board situation dialed.

“In the next year I’m going to surf a bunch of good waves and shoot photos and video for my sponsors; this will give me time to work on my boards, says Che. “That’s one of my big goals right now as I’m about to make a big competitive push in ’09. And that’s why I’m really stoked to be working with Mike on my boards–I think it’s going to give me the edge I need to take my act to the next level.

“Che is another great addition to our team of Pro Riders, says UM Surfboards CEO, Mark Teperson. “Not only will he bring further credibility to the brand as he competes both nationally and internationally, but he will also boost UM’s fast growing presence in our own back yard.

Look for Che’s new pro models in finer surf shops soon.

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