Underground: Anthony “Who’s Your Daddy” Ruffo

by Skin Doggie Dog

Yo! Let’s all get together and raise the Ruff! Ruffo is the shit, and you know this! Way back in ’85, all the boys sat on the cliff at the Lane at the first PSAA (Professional Surfing Association of America¿now defunct), and cheered a teenage Anthony Ruffo to victory. It was legendary! The waves were solid six to eight feet, and Ruff waxed the f¿k out of everybody. Fifteen years later, Ruff’s still killing it¿he’s scoring tens in Tahiti, he’s in every other final at the Cold Water Classic, and he’s winning all the Volcom Stone Contests here in town. He’s like the Peter Pan of the surfing world, never getting old. Big Daddy’s so on it, never missing a good day, and always scoring to da max.

For some unexplainable reason, all the chicks dig the Ruff. You’ll be at a nightclub, and all the ladies will be jockeying the guy. And it’s not like he’s a supermodel or Mr. Big Bucks, he just happens to have a positive attitude and a real good vibe. That’s his little secret¿people like to hang with positive people.

Aside from being a kick-ass surfer and babe magnet, Ruff is a kind bro. He’s one of most straight-up individuals I know. Anthony is the ambassador of Santa Cruz. Anytime a traveling pro rolls into town, Ruffs hooks ’em up, takes him on tour, and introduces him to the boys. No matter where he goes on this great big planet, he’s got friends, and that’s for real.