Unpublished Dane Reynolds

Besides being a great young surfer, Dane Reynolds is a cool-ass kid who’s especially easy to travel with. In April, he followed the Reef team down the New South Wales coast in Australia for a photo trip to be published in an upcoming issue. This interview is the second in a series done while on the road—enjoy.

TransWorld SURF: So you’re doing ‘QS’s now? Are you excited about it?

Dane Reynolds: Uh, yeah. So far Australia’s been good. I haven’t done any contests yet. I hope to do more this year.


Right now you’re on a trip with Mick Fanning, Mick Lowe, Sam Hammer—just a bunch of different dudes. Is it exciting for you to travel with WCT guys and see the caliber of surfing they do? Do you look up to those guys and try to emulate them?

Definitely. It’s always good to surf with people who are better than you and try to catch up. That pushes your surfing a lot.

Are you ready for the difficulties of traveling so much?

I don’t know. I guess I’ll see.

Do you miss your mom?

Uh, yeah.

You better say yes. Do you miss your friends?

Yeah. Well, most of my friends are here actually.

Oh, that’s right. A lot of guys who do the ‘QS travel all year long. Are you gonna take it slow or just jump right into it?

I’m definitely going to take it slow. I’m not going to do all the contests this year. I’ll probably do half the contests and not go full out ’til next year probably.

If you had a choice of becoming just a straight photo guy or a contest guy, which would it be?

I’d like to do the contests, just to see how I do in them at least.

Are you a competitive person by nature?

Not really.


Are you training yourself, or has Sean Hayes been training you?

No. He trains himself, but we kind of make fun of him for it.

Why do you make fun of him?

I don’t know. He just does weird stuff for training. He jogs.

Do you ever work out?

No, Never.

You don’t want to get buff for the ladies?

No, I’m already buff enough.


Do you ever miss home, all the getaways in Santa Barbara?

Definitely, always when I leave. During the wintertime when I go to Hawai’i or something, it sucks. I talk to my friends back home and they tell me how good it’s been, and I just want to go home. But during the springtime it’s usually horrible, so it’s not bad going (to Australia) where it’s better.

In your life right now, what’s the most important thing to you?

Friends and family.

Do you have any major goals in life that you’re intent on doing?

I’d like to make the WCT. I guess that’s it.