Up Close And Personal With Prue Jeffries On JettyGirl

Australian Legend, Writer and Filmmaker Featured On JettyGirl.com

VISTA, Calif., May 3, 2006 JettyGirl.com is pleased to announce the release of our newest online issue featuring Australian legend Prue Jeffries. In an exclusive interview with Prue, she shares her insights into the future of womens professional surfing. The interview also examines her passion for retro surfboards and her deep desire to be involved in projects that contribute to the world at large. Prues interview is accompanied by an extensive photo gallery, interview outtakes and a surf video clip showcasing her flowing style. Music for Prues surf video clip comes from the amazing singer/songwriter Amber Rubarth.

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Despite massive growth in the womens surf industry over the last decade, the amount of media outlets focusing on the sport has actually declined over the past few years. JettyGirl.com has risen up to fill this void by giving considerable publicity to a dozen surfer girls each year.

Each month one surfer is showcased in detail with an in-depth interview, photo gallery and surf video clips. With a solid lineup of surfers scheduled for 2006, JettyGirl.com plans to give equal focus to top professionals, female surfers of influence, and legends of the sport.

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